Friday, September 7, 2007

Veiled Chameleon

Child#2 is now the proud parent of two baby veiled chameleons. We're learning a lot about coating pinhead crickets with powdered vitamins and keeping the little reptiles hydrated and happy. Sherry, the protagonist in the I So Don't Do Mysteries series, has also acquired two baby veiled chameleons!

Yes, I'm working on the second book. The first book isn't totally done. There are still things like copyedits and galleys. But, it's time to get Sherry back in class and hanging out with her boyfriend and her girlfriends. And, of course, it's time for her to jump into another investigation. The second book is currently untitled because....the title I'd chosen has a sexual connotation. Which I hadn't noticed. But child#1 had. Thank you child#1 for your powers of observation!

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Gina Black said...

Thank god for the kids, eh? Mine are always keeping me straight. :)