Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So Not an Empty Nester!

Something unexpected has happened in my little house.

Most of the family left yesterday for Oklahoma. Child #3 is going beach camping with family friends for a few days (fingers crossed for no bee incidents!).

All this means....

I am all alone in the house for FOUR WHOLE DAYS!

I cannot even remember the last time this happened.

Will I experience empty-nest syndrome?

N-O spells no!

I will clean my house. Once. I will turn off ESPN and the Disney channel and XBox.

Then, Dorothy the dog curled up at my side, I will rock gently in my favorite chair, and read JULIET, NAKED by Nick Hornby.*

I will experience quiet-uncluttered nest syndrome. :)

* I'm sure I'll do a lot more than read over the course of four days. But all will be done in peace and quiet.


Becky Levine said...

Ah...the sound of a quiet house.

I did have a wake-up call this summer. Son went off for two-weeks of sleepaway camp, the longest he's been gone. The no-schedule, all the writing-reading-exercise time in the world, date nights with my husband--all that was great. the end of the two weeks, it was getting obvious that--when he moves out in a few years--I will need to add something else to my life. I was burning out on all those hours of JUST writing and working (with the other tidbits thrown in). I'm thinking drum lessons.

Teresa said...

Enjoy your not-so-cluttered nest!!

Barrie said...

Becky, you are hilarious!!

Teresa, I am doing my best. ;)

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like time for yourself. Good moments.

Sarah Laurence said...

I had an empty house for 2 weeks in June. The first week was productive but the second week was lonely. 4 days sounds perfect. Enjoy!

Beth in NC said...

Wow! What a great time to read a book! Enjoy your solitude.

Louise said...

I am sooo happy for you. Enjoy your solitude. I'm sure as a parent of (uhh, how many kids do you have again?) that it doesn't happen very often.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I'm catching you on the tail end of your quiet little vacation--hope you truly relished it!

laughingwolf said...

i'd catch up on lost ZZZZZZZzzzzzzs ;) lol

enjoy it! :)