Sunday, June 24, 2007

Garden-Path Sentences and Jokes

Word play makes writing even more fun.

Here's a link for garden-path sentences and garden-path jokes.

I also love ambiguous sentences. They often pop up, unplanned, in whatever I'm writing and end up edited out.

My all-time favourite ambiguous sentence is: Visiting relatives can be a bore.


Maureen McGowan said...

What a great ambiguous sentence.

I find it's really hard to spot unintentionally ambiguous ones in my own writing and I trust my CP's to spot them. I find them in their's sometimes... Where what they wrote is so not what they meant... But it could be read like they meant it, too.

Barrie said...

Thank you, thank you. Although I can't take credit for inventing that particular ambiguous sentence. I remember from a linguistics course back in my speech path days. :)