I So Don't Do Mysteries

Book #1: I So Don't Do Mysteries 
Random House/ Delacorte Press
(On the left is the paperback cover. On the right is the hardback. So different, but both so adorable!)

A girl. A guy. A ghost. A heist. Yikes!

Meet reluctant sleuth Sherry Holmes Baldwin!

Sherry (short for Sherlock) wants more mall time, less homework and a certain cute boy. Instead, she's recruited by her mother's ghost to prevent a rhino heist at San Diego's Wild Animal Park. 

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A LOT of nice people have said A LOT of nice things about Sherry and her mysteries. Here's a smattering of what people are saying about I So Don't Do Mysteries...

"When I grow up and become a writer, could I learn to be snappy and lively like Barrie Summy? This series is upbeat, active, and grounded in some good values."
--Diane Chen, School Library Journal

"Summy keeps the fizz in her effervescent premise...using a punchy first-person narration; story lines involving romances, movie stars, rhinos and egotistical chefs; and various eccentricities, including a late grandfather who assumes the form of a wren...Sherry remains entertaining, and readers will hope for a second caper."
--Publishers Weekly

"Sherry’s relationship with her mother’s spirit and her own quirky personality elevate this text by adding sincerity and warmth."

"A seriously funny ghost story packed with mystery, romance and fun."
--Sarah Mlynowski, author of the Magic in Manhattan series

"Featuring many of San Diego’s hot spots, it’s guaranteed to capture the interest of young and old alike. Can’t wait to read the sequel coming in the fall."
--San Diego Family Magazine

And to make sure I don't get a big head, here's a review from one of my kids:

"It's a really funny book, Mom, which is weird because you don't have much of a sense of humor."  --Child #3