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THE DISAPPEARANCE OF EMILY H. is featured on 3 sparkly episodes of AppleTV's GHOSTWRITER show!

Eighth-grade protagonist Raine from The Disappearance of Emily H. helps the Ghostwriter kids solve their mystery. You'll want to watch every episode because the show is THAT amazing!

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A girl is missing.
Three girls are lying.
One girl can get to the truth.

8th grader Raine Watson is able
to pull other people's memories off
objects they've touched.

Will she be able to use her talent
to find Emily H?
Or is it already too late?

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The Disappearance of Emily H has everything—a quirky, believable heroine, a complex mystery that keeps you guessing, and even a touch of the paranormal. Readers won’t put this one down until the final sparkle.”
      ~ Gordon Korman, #1 New York Times bestselling author

I So Don't Do . . . 

Meet Sherry (short for Sherlock) Holmes Baldwin

Laughs, ghosts, and a lip-gloss-loving tween sleuth!

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“If you're after a mystery with a heroine who's got plenty of gumption (even though she might not know it), a few ghostly sidekicks, and otherwise an entirely normal teenage life, then look no further than Barrie Summy's I So Don't Do.... Mysteries.”
        ~ Shelf Elf

Short story "Manipulations"
in Crossing Borders

Edited by Lisa Brackmann
and Matt Coyle
 A San Diego Sisters in Crime Anthology

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Crossing Borders, A San Diego Sisters in Crime Anthology
“This splendid collection of fiction is haunting and intense.
Bravo to San Diego Sisters in Crime.”
  ~ T. Jefferson Parker, Edgar-award winning author

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