Monday, July 9, 2007

Breaking tasks down into small steps

I'm a HUGE fan of breaking tasks down into small steps.

I love lists (shopping lists, to-do lists, summer goals for children lists). And breakng down tasks seems like a refined, sopisticated version of list making.

So, I have the manuscript revision divided up on a calendar with what needs to be accomplished each day (how many new scenes, how many revised scenes, etc.). This is to help me meet the deadline. Now, the revision seems so much more manageable. And doable.

I practiSed (I just can't let go of Canadian spelling!) the whole breaking-tasks-down thing during my previous life as a speech pathologist. If you have a kid with a crummy "s", you go from tongue placement to "s" + vowel and vowel + "s" in syllables to single syllable words with "s" in various positions (sun, bus) to polysyllabic "s" words to "s" phrases to "s" sentences to generalized speech. It works.

It should be an interesting few weeks. Writing-wise, that is. I'll be able to tell if I'm ahead/behind/on target. Unfortunately, I didn't budget time for cooking and laundry, etc. So...

And I didn't budget tme for this blog. Which means I must get off it immediately and finish today's writing goals. :)

Anyone else divide tasks into small steps?


Maureen McGowan said...

I do, sometimes, and I agree it really helps. I need to do more of this!

Gook luck with your revisions. I'm sure you'll rock them!

Sandy Levin said...

Every day in every way. That's what my calendar is for.

Good luck with your revisions.

eileen said...

I like having a plan- sometimes I even stick to it. Good luck with the revisions.

Sara Hantz said...

I LOVE anything to do with lists and breaking things down - I have this obsession with finding the fastest way possible to do a task!!