Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's official. I'm in....

the Class of 2K8! Yay!

What is the Class of 2K8? It's 14 debut middle grade authors and 14 debut young adult authors. We all have our first book coming out in the year....2008. (And did you notice: 14 + 14 = 28 Who says writers aren't good at math?)

In the process of applying to the 2K8 group, I learned something very cool from Editor Wendy. I SO DON'T DO MYSTERIES may actually be released before Dec. 2008!!! I'm thinking in time for the Friday after American Thanksgiving, the biggest shopping day of the year here in the U.S. would be really nice!

I'm incredibly lucky to have made into the Class of 2K8. We've banded together for all kinds of creative promotion, especially to BLTs. That is, booksellers, librarians and teachers. Nothing edible.

Anyway, over the course of the year, I'll introduce you to the various members of 2K8. Which means you'll be introduced to a bunch of awesome brand new middle grade and young adult authors.

I'm also excited because we'll be passing around our ARCs. These are

Advanced Reader Copies. Which means I'll have read several of these books before they hit the shelves. Yay! There's something very exciting about reading a book before everyone else.

I'll have to remember to post a picture of my own ARC.


Sally Lawton said...

Congrats... what exciting news! Really looking forward to updates!


Sandy Levin said...

Congratulations Barrie!

I felt so honored a number of years ago to receive one of Jane Ann Krentz's ARCs from my local bookstore when I was running a romance book group. She signed the ARC too!

Way to go!!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

That's so awesome! How exciting to have your book included and to get first dibs on new authors! Can't wait to see your own ARC cover.

(And I loved that you're calling them BLT's).

Barrie said...

Hi Sally! Thank you. It feels very exciting to be in the midst of such a creative, energetic group. And I must catch up on your dad's story.

Barrie said...

Hi Sandy! A signed ARC? I hadn't thought of that!!

Barrie said...

Hi Alyssa! I love the BLT label too. I'm telling you the 2K8 class is very creative! And I love finding new authors to read. So, I couldn't be happier. :)

Maureen McGowan said...

That's wonderful, Barrie!

Sara Hantz said...

Yay!!! Huge congrats. I'm so thrilled for you.

Barrie said...

Thank you, Maureen and Sara!!