Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blog Round-Up Tomorrow

Reminder! Reminder! About our blog round-up!

Tomorrow--Wednesday, October 15--is October Ovation. Yay!

What is October Ovation?

A day when you post about someone you admire. Could be a family member. Or a friend. A teacher, a librarian, someone famous. Just someone you admire.

Here's the list of participants so far: (There's no deep meaning to the order.)

Ellen Booraem
Stacy Nyikos
Zu Vincent
Maureen McGowan
Becky Levine
Shari Green
Elizabeth--About New York
Jason--Scribblings of a Madman
Amy--The Adventure (and Misadventures) of Amy
Sandy--Peaceful Hearts Stained Glass
Gabe--Gabe's Meanderings
Debra--From Skilled Hands
Patti--Welcome to the Patti-O
Larramie--Seize a Daisy

If you want to play, leave me a comment. If something's changed and you can't play (wah!), same deal--comment me.

Tomorrow, I'll post everyone's links. With color!

And Larramie at SeizeADaisy will also post your links.

Then if you guys could link to us, well, there'll be lots of linkage, and we'll all be able to find each other's posts. Should be inspirational. Which would be a good thing given these times we're in.

And on a purely personal note, my sisters are driving down from Toronto to meet me and Child #3 in Detroit for the Speedo Cup! Holy water polo balls! They'll finally get to see him play. And think of the fun we'll have. And...think of the goodies they'll bring....ketchup chips, butter tarts, Tim Horton's coffee and their amazing senses of humour and joie de vivre! Oh my. I am besides myself with excitement.


Elizabeth said...

Looking forward to it!

Charles Gramlich said...

This is a great concept. Since I've got my Halloween HOrror thing going I might not be able to play. I will definitely check out the subs for it though.

Maureen McGowan said...

Good luck to child #3 in his water polo tournament! And have fun in Detroit. So close, and yet so far. ;-)

Patti said...

with color?! ohlala....

Beth said...

count me in Barrie!

Travis Erwin said...

If I can get my act together I am going to participate.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Me, too.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Detroit? I wish we could meet. Maybe next time.

Beth said...

My post is about the women who fought for the 19th amendment... you know the one that gives us women the right to vote. thanks!


I think this is a great idea. I'll be posting an October ovation. Hope you like it.