Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I've been tagged by the one and only Vodka Mom! If you haven't checked out her blog, you really must. She's a hoot and a half.

And now I must list SEVEN random facts about myself. Up-front warning: these will not be anywhere near as outlandish as Vodka Mom's. Because, well, she is more wild and crazy than I am. Now, don't you really want to check out her blog?!

Okay. Here goes:

1. I've been engaged THREE times. To three different people. Each one was a different nationality. But they all had one thing in common: blue eyes!

2. I have Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. It's true. A doctor told me. This is a useful device at cocktail parties when you want people to move away from the snacks. While standing within sneezing distance of the food, I announce, "Hi! My name is Barrie, and I have ETD." (Okay. Maybe I haven't actually used this ploy...yet. But I just might this Friday when I'm at DH's big fancy schmancy company holiday party. They always serve really fine appetizers.)

3. My fave foods are: diet coke, red licorice, black licorice. Other than that, I'm a pretty healthy eater. Seriously.

4. A long time ago, in a faraway place, I worked in marketing for 7UP Canada. During this time, I met Wayne Gretzky who was our corporate sponsor. You're probably all wondering if he was one of the guys mentioned in #1. Keep on wondering, folks...

5. One of my kids has webbed toes. DH (Darling Husband) and I each have a great great great feathered grandmother with wings and a pronounced bill. Kidding. Although webbed toes do run in both our families. (Probably more in his as I'm loathe to admit to genetic abnormalities.)

6. Once upon a time, I dated a French Canadian who saved his ear wax for art projects. He was very definitely not part of #1.

7. Did you notice that Child #3 hacked into my blog? Check out my new-and-improved (?) profile!

Choose this award.                                   Or this award.

Or you can be like me and choose both. I'm just that way. Delightfully indecisive.

Here are the rules:
1. Do five jumping jacks
2. Balance on one foot.
3. Call a friend to say hi.
4. Take a hot bath.
5. Hug your kid or your dog.
6. Post seven (or whatever you have time for) random things about yourself.

Then, choose your award(s) and i.d. five people (or whatever) for the meme. Oh yeah, and let the people know you chose them. Oh yeah, and link back to me.

Here's who I'm i.d.'ing (in alpha order). Check them out. I think you'll really enjoy what these bloggers have to say.

Cheaper Than Therapy because we can all use some therapy at this crazy time of year! Her blog is grrrreat!
Don Mills Diva because she lives where I'm from. Plus you'll love her blog!
Eileen Cook--We're agent-sisters; she's really, really funny (no pressure there, Eileen); she's an American living in Canada, and I'm a Canadian living in the U.S. And she's the type everyone wants to hang out with!
Just a Plane Ride Away because she's far from home and makes all sorts of interesting observations. Not to mention her incredible photographic skills!
Laughing Wolf--He's a crazy blogger. You just never what strange bits of info he'll post up.



Bee said...

Well, I feel that I must go read Vodka Mom's random facts if you think that yours are dull! The three engagements do, of course, beg for more details.

Laura said...

Ok, now you have opened a few doors...and more details will be demanded!!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Done and dusted!

Thanks for the fun :-)

Vodka Mom said...

I TOTALLY loved these! (Bitchy has webbed toes! I totally forgot until you mentioned them!)

Teacher gives you an A.

JaneyV said...

Webbed toe mutants run in my family too. (I escaped the curse myself - mostly!) It's the one next to the big toe and the one next to that that had trouble separating in utero.

So your EDT - how does that effect you? When you sneeze does it come out your ears?

#6 was gross but somehow I fear that it may not be all that uncommon.

Oh and exciting news - Amazon just emailed to say they'd dispatched "I So Don't Do Mysteries". I thought that, living over here in England I'd have to wait for months - but it's on its way. Hurray!

Stacy Nyikos said...

And I thought that your stint in Oklahoma was one of the wilder sides of your personality. The things I'm learning about you, Barrie!

Don Mills Diva said...

I'm not sure if I will be able to complete this meme: I fear I have been forever scarred by reading your #6...

Barrie said...

Bee: Those kind of details will be divulged over a glass of wine and your delicious fruit cake!

Just A Plane Ride Away: LOVE your list! Although I do feel bad for your poor postman.

Vodka Mom: An A?! THANK YOU!

JaneyV: I think webbed toes are more rampant than one thinks!

Stacy: I'm sure we signed in blood or something, but in case you've forgotten: WHAT HAPPENED IN OKLAHOMA, STAYS IN OKLAHOMA. :)

Don Mills Diva: No way. You can't be scarred. You live in Don Mills. You're unscarrable!

Stacy said...

Ear wax art? Gross yet economical. Cheaper than my beading habit.

Barrie said...

Laura: once of these days I'll be in Ottawa. We'll sit down. We'll chat. Kay?

Stacy (Welcome to the Confessional): I like the way you think!

Sarakastic said...

You would have to produce a lot of ear wax. That guy makes the guys I date seem a little creepy, but they are still gross.

laughingwolf said...

with such an intro, now i gotta live up to it, barrie :P lol

[ooooo 'cunones' is my word verification, almost 'cajones' :O]

Charles Gramlich said...

Love the ETD story. You should try it.

Patti said...

the ear wax one made me dry heave a little bit....ugh.

David Cranmer said...

Yeah, #6 had to be an interesting guy!

Chantal said...

I know a lot of french Canadians and that doesn't surprise me at all. Was he from Montreal ;)

Barrie said...

Chantal, he WAS from Monteal! Hmmm.... That said, I loved living in Quebec and all things Quebecois (barring ear wax!). In particular, I have never gotten over my love for cretons and mille feuilles. Mmmm...

Angela said...

Earwax yuck

I guess you had no problem finding a boyfriend

Anonymous said...

I love the seven things about yourself, Barrie - but how funny for Child #3 to edit your 'about me' in that way. Too cute.


Carleen Brice said...

Haven't been here in a while. Cute new look! Congrats on your upcoming big day!!!

Beth Yarnall said...

I loved the engaged 3 times to a Mr Blue Eyes. Webbed toes? I love these memes. You learn so much!