Monday, February 1, 2010

My Town Monday: Thai Food in Oceanside, CA

This post can be labeled "Thai Food in Oceanside, CA" or "Escape from the Monastery"!

Last Monday, I wrote about a writing retreat I attended with my critiques partners, the intrepid Denny's Chicks. The retreat took place at the Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, CA.

There were many many things I appreciated about the retreat, such as the uninterrupted writing time, the other children's writers and, of course, hanging with my own Denny's Chicks.

But I very definitely didn't appreciate the food. It was, in a word, abysmal.

So, Saturday evening, I had a conversation with the Denny's Chicks that went SOMETHING like this:

Me: Guys, I'm starving. In fact, I'm so starving my stomach is eating itself.

Kathy Krevat: No way I'm facing another meal here. Let's leave.

Me: No, no. We can't just sneak out. The monks cooked for us. They're expecting us to show up with everyone else in the dining hall.

Kelly Hayes: Let's drive around Oceanside until we find some edible food.

Me: No, no. We can't be that disrespectful.

Kathy Krevat: I already Googled. There's a Thai restaurant close by.

Then, Kathy and Kelly strongarmed me out the door, into Kathy's van and to Ocean Thai Cuisine, 3846 Mission Avenue, Suite A3, Oceanside, CA 92058; tel: 760.967.9901.

O Oceanside Thai Cuisine, your Tom Kha soup was the nectar of the gods. Your Gang Ga-ree curry was heavenly. Even your jasmine rice was of another world.

And then there was your aquarium...

Hands down, this is the BEST aquarium I've ever seen in a restaurant. And we were seated right next to it.

This is a shrimp goby. I think I'd like to own one.

I'm not sure how well you can see it, but this little bit of straw is in the shape of a rose. Yes, they treated us like delicate divas.

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photo credits: my blackberry


Realliveman said...

Thai food is some of the best stuff on earth!

Beth said...

I think the monks will have forgiven your “escape” – perhaps you should have invited them along so they could see what good food tastes like!

(or maybe they’re not allowed in the “outside” world???)

pattinase (abbott) said...

Love Thai food and the restaurants are getting more and more charming. At first, they didn't bother with decor in our area.

Danyelle said...

I think I would have tried to escape too. :p I love it when restaurants have aquariums. :)

Rebecca said...

I love the paper rose on the straw! Little details like that completely make my day - especially when they are unexpected. What a fun night!

Charles Gramlich said...

Is the Thai food really spicy there?

Solvang Sherrie said...

Sounds yummy. I haven't had Thai food in a while :)

Barrie said...

Charles: At this restaurant, the waiter asked you if you wanted the dish mild, medium or hot. We chose mild for one dish and medium for the other. They were both fine for me, and I don't like super spicy food.

Barrie said...

Beth: Interesting question. I don't know if the monks are allowed to leave or not. Oh, surely they must be. They're adults. But maybe not. I can tell you they're allowed to pet cats. There was this huge black cat on the grounds, and I definitely saw a monk petting it. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

what a cool restaurant! and a good aquarium is always entertaining.

Teresa said...

Great post, Barrie. I love Thai food, and the restaurant aquarium looks amazing!!

Travis Erwin said...

Not sure my delicate palate could manage but the place looks cool.

Sarah Laurence said...

Yummy! Thai is one of my favorite cuisines. We actually have a good one in our small town. I love restaurants with fish tanks, but I always feel a bit bad for the fish at our favorite sushi restaurant, although they aren't on the menu.

Amy said...

I'm glad you enjoy Thai food! My Thai mother cooks some awesome gang garee and thom kha.. you are invited for dinner any time :)

Kathy Holmes said...

I missed this post - must add you to my RSS feed on my web site sidebar.

Anyway, love Thai food - when we were in Oregon, there was a Thai place on every corner - not so much here in Vegas - no real Thai food, that is.

And the aquarium pics - you're killing me - lol!