Monday, October 11, 2010

Regarding my recent travels...

Oh, the people I've met and the places I've gone...

In Columbia, MO, I stayed with my very good friend, Mary. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (North San Diego County), Mary and I worked together as speech pathologists. We've managed to remain good friends despite Mary's tendency to be TOO HONEST. Sorry, no picture as we weren't feeling photogenic.

I visited four fantastic schools in Columbia: Smithton Middle School, Lange Middle School, Columbia Independent, Gentry Middle School. Thank you to Scholastic reps Jenny Hagan and Karen Harris for setting up the visits, getting me to the schools, feeding me, being my friends. We were quite the team! An extra special thank you to Karen who sent me on the road to Kansas with a bag full of licorice!

Me and Jody Feldman.We FINALLY met in real life. I know Jody from the Class of 2k8, where she was our fearless Co-President. By the way, we're actually way, way cuter in person. Way.

This is a partial group shot at lunch at the Kansas School Librarians conference. Here is what I learned:


Yes, yes, they love kids and books AND THEY LAUGH AT ALL MY JOKES! There were many reading teachers at the conference too. Kansas school librarians rock! Kansas reading teachers rock!

Meet Juanita Jameson, a knowledgable, friendly, uberfun Kansas school librarian. Thanks for hanging out with me, Juanita!

Here I am with Gordon Korman. Yes, THE Gordon Korman. Thank you for the photo, Ken Harton, School Librarian and Photograher Extraordinaire, Great Bend Middle School, Kansas

I presented with fellow authors (in alpha order):PJ Hoover, Stacy Nyikos, Suzanne Morgan Williams and Zu Vincent.

And this was all last week. I was having so much fun that I really wasn't ready to come home. Well, except, of course, to see Mr. Summy and the kids!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics and the commentary - sounds like a lot of fun!

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your trip. You really rock!! Congratulations!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You are a rock star!