Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Child #2 is HEALED!

You may remember that Child #2 broke his collarbone on Sunday, September 19 in an uber dumb skateboarding incident. This efffectively removed Child #2 from his entire last high-school season of varsity water polo. His coach was not amused. Neither were his parents.

The circles show the ends of the broken bone. (I will not divulge how long it took me to figure out how to add the circles!)

Last week, Mr. Summy took Child #2 to the x-ray department and then to his orthopedic appointment. The surgeon pulled the x-ray up on his computer screen. He jaw dropped. Child #2 was completely healed THREE WEEKS EARLY! Just in time for the CIF games! (California Interscholatic Federation--I only learned what the acronym stood for by Googling for this post!)

Our first CIF water polo game was last night. Child #2 played brilliantly!

To what do we owe this miraculous quick knitting of bone?


Genes from the Great White North + genes from the Sooner State?

Copious quantities of calcium?

The water polo gods?

Your guess is as good as mine. I will say, though, it was magnificent to be in the bleachers when Child #2 jumped into the pool last night!


Bee said...

Is there any theory regarding Child#2's extraordinary healing powers? Are you giving him a magical elixir of some sort?

Barrie said...

Bee: By mistake, I clicked "publish" instead of "save as draft" before I had a chance to add the photos re "Child #2's extraordinary healing powers"!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...


Maureen McGowan said...

Awesome news. I'm on board with the Canadian heritage theory, but of course, I'm biased.

Barrie said...

Green Girl: It IS SO exciting!

Maureen: I'm leaning that way myself. Calcium? Pshaw!

Sarakastic said...

I'm going to go with the Canada theory. Hockey players=broken bones (I assume) and the DNA must have adapted over time. Yes I am awesome at all things science and genetic.

Barrie said...

Sarkastic: You are BRILLIANT!

Solvang Sherrie said...

I think in addition to the fabulous genes you handed down, you must be an awesome nurse :)

Amy said...

Wow, very cool that he recovered so quickly! Yay!

By the way, I am SO JEALOUS you were at Serendipity 3. I've always wanted to go there. We were going to visit NYC around Christmas time but with the arrival of our second dog, we decided to stay home. :(