Monday, June 6, 2011

My Town Monday: Feathers in San Diego, CA

A huge craze right now in my neck of the woods (and perhaps in yours) is feather hair extensions.

Over Memorial Weekend, Child #4 and I spent a day at at the annual Vista Strawberry Festival. (Vista's about 42 miles northwest of our house.) I was tied up for a while with several very fun local romance authors, giving writing workshops and signing books.

A few booths down from us were a couple of hairstylists offering feather extensions. Keep these 3 points in mind: I needed to keep Child #4 occupied. She'd been coveting feathers. It was the day before her 11th birthday. You see where I'm heading....

The day before, Child #4's good friend attended our Santee Street Fair and, you guessed it, got feathers.

Here's the result. Yes, it's the perfect example of birds of a feather flock together. Ha! Aren't they in fine feather?!

And now, after the fact, here's some interesting info about feather extensions. (Thank you for the link, CJ.)

-The long, skinny saddle feathers are found on the backside of roosters.
-These rooster feathers are used to make fishing lures.
-The roosters are genetically bred to produce these feathers.
-The roosters often do not survive the plucking.
-Fly fishermen are unhappy about the current feather hair fashion because roosters feathers are now tougher to find and more expensive.

Who knew a trip to a nearby street fair would result in feather extensions which would result in this post. You could've knocked me over with a feather! ha! Or perhaps this post is a feather in my cap! More ha!

I will show the white feather and cease with these silly puns! Instead of tar and feathering me (which, quite frankly, would be very extreme!), please click here for links to more My Town Monday posts! It's always fun to see what's going on in other corners of the world.

May your Monday be pleasant and calm with no one ruffling your feathers! Last pun, seriously!



Charles Gramlich said...

They look pretty.

Anonymous said...

Lol,do puns just come to you?(:
you're punny funny.Yeah,THAT doesn't work out.
My mom would hate for me to get feather extensions.They're cute,but that whole came-off-a-rear-end part kinda brings my level of wanting then down a notch.Thanks for the facts,though(:
Do you know when your next book will come out?I'm good with coming up with names if you would like me to.
Love the post,

Reb said...

They do look pretty.

Barrie said...

Charles and Reb: I agree. ;)

Abbagayle: There are days when I'm the Queen of Puns! I think the next book will be out sometime n 2013. I think. I'm doing okay on names for the moment, but will keep your offer in mind if I get stuck!

Anonymous said...

Yay!2013 close enough..(:
Half way through this year!
The only pun i know is,"Want to play sorry with us?"

Jennette Marie Powell said...

Haha, those will probably be popular in Ohio like two years from now LOL. Guess I should be thankful my almost-16 y.o. is more into retro fashion!

Teresa said...

I love the feathers; I am not terribly sympathetic to the fisherpeople. I think feathers are more important to beautiful young women.

Keri Mikulski said...

Cute. :)

Travis Erwin said...

This feather thing has landed here as well. I plan to blog about it soon myself.

Barrie said...

Travis, I imagine you'll be blogging from the fisherman's point of view. ;)

Gabriele Goldstone said...

Always something completely zany on Barrie's blog.
Poor rooster. I wonder how long it'll talk before rooster feathers become trendy in my neck of the woods.

Do writer workshops and keeping a tweener happy is pretty impressive, though.

Josie Baker, age 12 said...

Hi Barrie! I am a HUGE fan of your books, I have them all. I had to choose an author to study in class and I chose you, because I think your books really see into the mind of a teenager. I live in MD. I found out that you live in CA. Do you live in San Diego? I'll be there visiting my family with my mom from August 1 - 13, and I was wondering if we could get together. That might sound creepy, but I assure you I really am 12 years old. If you want to email me, my email is . I'm looking forward to maybe meeting you!