Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Town Monday: La Jolla, CA (3 days late)

Oh my, my. What has happened to me? I've been sucked into the vortex of end-of-the-school-year activities and beginning-of-the-summer activities.

Ambitious Child #3 (15 year-old son) decided he'd like to get a Spanish high-school class under his belt this summer, no mean feat in the impoverished California public school system. After weeks of internet searches and phone calls, we finally found a course--at a posh private school! So, for 4 weeks, 6 hours a day, he's getting a little glimpse into another world.

Likewise, Child #4 (11 year-old daughter) and I have migrated along with him to swanky La Jolla. She's enrolled in various morning camps to allow her mother some writing time. So, I'll be posting to you from a variety of locations in La Jolla over the next while.

Check us out:

After dropping off Child #3, we head over to La Jolla Shores for breakfast on the beach. This is Child #3 and a good friend, munching it up before heading to a shark camp.

The surf is up! All those black dots are surfers. Very fun to watch. But not great for shark spotting as the great surfing waves means churned-up water with less-than-stellar visibility for enthusiastic snorkellers.

After dropping off the girls, I wander the streets of La Jolla, my laptop in tow, looking for an open library (once again, not easy in these times of budget cuts) or an interesting coffee shop.

And we'd like to recommend Pizza on Pearl for lunch where they serve all sorts of thin-crust-New-York pizza, by the slice or the pie.

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Hope you're enjoying your summer!


Anonymous said...

I'm stuck doing school,because we didn't finish during the school year with all the things that happened.):
Today,when my dad gets home from work,we are driving up to Michigan to visit my grandparents,Niece,brother,sister in-law,and everyone up there pretty much(: it's a 12-hour trip,so i don't know when i will reply..


Charles Gramlich said...

Life with Children. It's complicated. :)

Gabriele Goldstone said...

You lead such an exciting life, Barrie. Enjoy.(And watch out for sharks.)

David Cranmer said...

I've always wanted to visit La Jolla. Home of Raymond Chandler.