Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today Child #2 graduates from high school!

Well, well, Child #2, here you are at 19 days old. (Sorry about the blurry picture. I must learn to use the scanner.)

And today, sometime after 6 pm (who knows how long it will take to get to the latter half of the alphabet!), you will graduate from high school.

You really haven't changed much. You're still mellow and easy-going, able to charm people from all walks of life. Your smile literally beams. You're a hard worker and self-motivated, determined to do your best. You have a terrific sense of humor, much more refined now. (Your father and I are glad you have grown out of the habit of pitching everything off your highchair tray, then laughing maniacally.) You're smart, athletic, thoughtful, insightful. You're a fine friend, son and student. In any order.

Occidental College is lucky to get you.

I'm very proud of you.

And, no, I wasn't kidding about the skyping. We want to see your shining face very Sunday evening.

Love, Mom xo

p.s. You might consider returning to a diet that includes more fruit and vegetables. Just a little something to keep in mind when you're making food choices in the college cafeteria.


David Cranmer said...

BIG congrats, Barrie! How exciting it must be for your family.

Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely congrats. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Wow,one down two more to go!Just kidding.
I remember a two years ago when my oldest brother graduated.I don't like crying in front of people,so i would go to the bathroom so much so i could cry.My second oldest brother,Aaron,Was so sad.My mom made this graduation slide show from when he was a baby to now and almost everyone cried,it was so sad.My mom still watches the slide show today and still cries.(am i making you feel bad,if so,sorry!)
We see him once or twice a year.He had to move out early so he could be with his girlfriend who was going to have a baby soon.Now they're married and are moving into their house today!He just turned twenty and he is very successful.Plus my niece will be 2 the Sixth of July!We are visiting for the 4th of July(my parents anniversary) and for Gracie's Birthday!!!Well,no matter what everything will turn out alright!
Thanks for the post,

Bee said...

What a charming description of your boy! Well-done to BOTH of you. It's a rather big accomplishment to get a person to this point.

Jenn Jilks said...

How amazing how time passes!
Cheers from S.E. Ontario Cottage Country!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That's a milestone! Congratulations on your son!

laughingwolf said...

grats #2... nothing succeeds like success!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Congrats to the new graduate!

Clare2e said...

I'm belated with my congratulations, but at least I got them in before the college degree's complete! Best to you and yours, Barrie!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Aw, congratulations!

I hope the big day was awesome and the summer is relaxing!

Yay for fruits & veggies! ;)

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! I bet it just feels like yesterday!



Gabriele Goldstone said...

Where does the time go, eh? Such a nice post. At least you still got more kids to go. Transitioning from mom to former-mom is hard.