Thursday, July 14, 2011

Child #4 and the Rancho Santa Fe Library Visit

The Rancho Santa Fe library visit went super well. This is a library that goes to a lot of trouble to put on a great event. I mean, just look at the sign. Too cute!

I took Child #4 (11 year old daughter) along with me. She took the photos. And helped me find the library (because she actually has a sense of direction!). And she helped with the technical junk (setting up the projector, speakers, etc.). Basically, the kid is indispensable. (Read the end of this post for her words of wisdom on the visit.)

The library put out a red carpet runway, decorated the room and tables, and provided glam sunglasses and other favors for the participants. Teen volunteers acted as servers and paparazzi. There was a raffle with lots of prizes.

You can see why I want every book I write to be celebrated at the RSF library!

I did a powerpoint and chatted about writing I SO DON'T DO FAMOUS. Since I visited Hollywood three times (my life is so hard!) to research this book, I have lots of photos and Hollywood/Beverly Hills stories.
This is a shot of one of the tables. I really enjoyed meeting readers and parents. It's quite the kick to meet in real life a tween who's been emailing about Sherry and gang. (Hello Maysen, Joy's granddaughters and Jim's wife and Clara). A special thank you to the people who drove from my town all the way to Rancho Santa Fe. And a huge thank you to Maddie for all the hard work she put into this event. Also, Librarian Debbie, you will be sorely missed (although we hope you enjoy your retirement)!

Conversation with Child #4 as I'm Tucking Her In That Night

Me: So, did I do okay today at the library?

Child #4: Yeah. You were good.

Me: Is it weird seeing me up there, talking in front of a crowd.

Child #4: It is weird.

Me: Weird embarrassing or weird cool?

Child #4: Definitely weird cool. (She pauses.) But I kind of wanted to say, "That's my mom. Why do you want her autograph?"

Tomorrow: brunch in La Jolla with the delightful Cindy Pon, YA author of SILVER PHOENIX and FURY OF THE PHOENIX.


Charles Gramlich said...

That was cool of your daughter to say. Definitely looks like they went all out.

Anonymous said...

Aw,that sound like fun!I want to go to CA!that's sweet of child#4 (:
I really would've just loved to go there.It seems like it was really awesome.I mean,i love the pictures, (The banner is awesome!)and i love the red carpet.
Wish i could have been there,

David Cranmer said...

That looks like a fun gathering.