Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Child #3

Yesterday at 8 pm on the dot, Child #3 turned sixteen! He's very energetic, competitive, smart, good-looking, optimistic, humorous, interesting, entertaining (perhaps too entertaining, according to a teacher or two). He's truly one of those people you like to hang out with.

It's hard to believe he's actually sixteen! Even harder to think about him leaving the nest in just a few years. (I have departure on the brain with Child#2 off for his freshman year at college.)

Below is a video (very short) of how Child #3's high school water polo team helped him celebrate the big day.

Watch out Child #3!!!!


Beth said...

Best wishes to Child # 3!
I produced one of those "entertainers" too - such a delight although, as you noted, not necessarily to teachers!

Charles Gramlich said...

Happy birthday to #3

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Many happy returns to your son!
Water polo--it must be a California thing!

AbaGayleb said...


Barrie said...

Beth, he really is delightful. And chatty. ;)

Barrie said...

Charles: Thank you! I will pass along your wishes!

Barrie said...

Green Girl: There does seem to be a log of water polo around here. That said, we had a water polo team at my high school in Toronto. Coached by the physics teacher!

Barrie said...

AbaGayle: Birthday certainly are fun!

AbaGayleb said...

Yes they are!
Mines coming up in December. :D
So is my brother,Aaron's.
We're 5 years apart, but our birthdays are back to back.
His is December 16th and mine is the 17th.
Him and my sister are only 11 months apart (Her's is in January).
Lots of birthdays and so little time (:

Barrie said...

AbaGayle: That's a lot of cake in your house over a couple of months! ;)

Heather Hansen said...