Saturday, August 18, 2007

I just discovered Gordon Korman

On a whim, I picked up Schooled by Gordon Korman. Here's the blurb from Gordon's website: "Schooled is about a home-schooled kid raised in isolation by his grandmother, an ex-hippie from the sixties. It's the story of what happens when he's suddenly thrust into a large middle school."

I read it in two days. It's fantastic. It's funny and poignant. The characters are great. The story is told from several perspectives: the protagonist, Capricorn Anderson; the school bully; the school loser; a popular girl; Cap's social worker; Cap's social worker's daughter; the school guidance counsellor. And it works. Also, every, single thread is tied up beautifully. Gordon Korman has written about 50 middle grade and young adult books.

Hello! Where have I been that I'm only now stumbling upon him? Interestingly enough, I noticed that we have several things in common.

Gordon is Canadian. So am I. He now lives in the United States. So do I. He has written over 50 middle grade/young adult books. I'd like to write over 50 MG/YA books. He visits tons of schools. I think I might like that. We both wear glasses.

Okay. I'm not supposed to be reading right now. I haven't finished the revisions due Aug. 27. On Aug. 28, I will begin reading the remaining 49 Gordon Korman books.

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Maureen McGowan said...

The book sounds great, Barrie! I'll have to check it out.