Monday, April 11, 2011

My-Town-Monday: Occidental College, LA

On this fine Monday, I'm off to visit Occidental College with Child #2. Oxy, as it's called, is a small, private, liberal arts college located in northeast Los Angeles. If the L.A. traffic is kind to us, it will take just a little over two hours to drive there.

The college really is small, with a student body of a little over 2,000. The professor:student ratio is about 9:1. The campus sits on 120 acres. The student body is diverse and proud of it. I did point out to Child #2 (a son) that there are more females than males at Oxy! President Obama did his first two years at Oxy, then transferred to Columbia. At least, I think that's correct. I read somewhere else that he studied for less than two years at Oxy.

Oxy was founded in 1887 by Presbyterians. It's near the beach, Hollywood and all manner of LA attractions. And students get free parking on campus, which come in really handy for a certain student's mother! Oxy's mascot is Oswald the Tiger. And, weirdly, the school colors are orange and black, which are the same school colors of Oklahoma State where Mr. Summy and I met.

I'm really, really curious to see the campus tomorrow. It's one of Child #2's top picks, but this is his first visit. Will he feel at home there? He'll be sitting in on a history class. That should be interesting. I'd like to sit in on a class to too, but I don't see it happening. Especially as I'll have Child #4, who is happily on spring break, with me!

You've probably seen Oxy in a movie. The campus has been featured in Clueless, Orange County, Jurassic Park III, and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Wishing Mr. Summy a belated Happy Birthday! His birthday was yesterday, and we did wish him a happy birthday then and bake him cupcakes and present him with gifts. So, it's just belated on the blog. ;)

Child #4 (10 year-old daughter) gave her father the above game, Hedbanz, after seeing how much fun Carley, Sam and Freddie had with it on iCarley. Her father was a good sport, as were the brothers, and we all sat around the kitchen table with plastic headbands around our heads, each trying to guess the card clipped into our respective headband. Guess who lost? ME! I am THE worst at word games!!! You should see me at Wheel of Fortune. It's abysmal!

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Teresa said...

Wow! College shopping. Hope it went well for you and Child #2 and Child #4!

Barrie said...

I know, Teresa, crazy!!

pattinase (abbott) said...

That does look like a fun game. I wonder if a four-year old could play it.

Barrie said...

Teresa, it went very well. Oxy is a very interesting campus. But we are tired this evening!

Barrie said...

Patti, I'm not sure. It's rated as 7 and up. It might be fun to try with a 4 year old and get him/her in the groove of asking the right sorts of questions.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

My older sister graduated from Oxy many years ago. I still remember going to visit her there and thinking she was SO grown up! : )