Friday, April 8, 2011

On Letters and Child #4

A couple of weeks ago, Child #4 (10 year old daughter) came up with the bright idea of making a homemade mailbox and affixing it to her bedroom door. Her goal? To receive lots of letters, primarily from her parents. But she didn't want just any kind of letter. Oh no. She wanted letters that extolled her many talents and skills!

So, I began leaving her short missives with messages about the joys of having her as a daughter, her exquisite piano playing, her thoughtfulness, her culinary capabilities, her mastery of the multiplication facts, etc.

Then, last week, I walked down the hall to discover mailboxes on my bedroom door. I couldn't wait to get a letter. A letter where Child #4 would write of my maternal love and kindness and thank me for quizzing her on her recent science test material, for staying up late to launder her favorite jeans, for inviting her friends over and feeding them treats and the list goes on and on.

The next morning, the corner of a piece of lined paper peeked up from the fold in my mailbox.

My first letter!

"Don't read it until you get back from taking me to school," instructed Child #4.

I rushed home, walking the dog a little more quickly than usual. I plugged in the kettle, then sat done to read my letter.

Here it is . . .

Apparently, Child #4 wants a cell phone for her upcoming birthday.

Happy Friday, everyone! If you're in San Diego, stay dry.


  1. You're such a great mother, Barrie!! Love your great relationship with Child #4!

  2. thank you, Teresa. Although i think I look better on the blog than I actually am in real life.

  3. Guess you'll have to start putting "chore" letters in your daughter's mailbox.

  4. *groan* Good thing you were sitting down when you opened it!

  5. Heather: I was totally unsuspecting!

    Charles: That is a brilliant idea! I could start right now, while she's at school. ;)

    Green Girl: Groan, indeed. I wasn't expecting her to start the whole cell-phone argument thing so young

  6. Um I wrote a similar email to my parents last week HA

  7. Sarakastic: Did it work? Are you getting a (new) cell phone?!

  8. get you got told... by a 10-yr-old ;) lol


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