Monday, July 18, 2011

My Town Monday: Reptile Love in San Diego, CA

This Monday sees Mr. Conehead and Fat Letta, our male and female veiled chameleons, sharing a cage and some romantic time together.

They usually live in separate cages, sans date nights or any other type of interactive behavior. Veileds are solitary creatures, and it stresses them to hang out too much together. In fact, it can stress them to the point that they stop eating! I'm sure I can make some kind of comparison with my own past dating life, but will refrain. :)

So, you're perhaps wondering how we know when to pluck Mr. Conehead from his cage to let him wander the branches of Fat Letta's abode. For us, it seems to be more an art than a science.

Apparently, Fat Letta sends out some pretty powerful pheromones. Last week, someone forgot to latch the door on Mr. Conehead's cage. When I went to spray him with water the next morning, he was nowhere to be found! Eventually, I looked up, up, up. There he was--perched on the very top of Fat Letta's cage! However, when I opened her cage door to let him in, she hissed and gaped at him. When Fat Letta gapes, she lunges at Mr. Conehead, her mouth wide open and her eyes wild. It is not an attractive sight and is even somewhat scary. Her gaping lets us know she has zero interest in entertaining Mr. Conehead. When Mr. Conehead realizes he's not welcome in Fat Letta's cage and is being banished to his bachelor pad, he gapes at me!

Following Mr. Conhead's escape, every couple of days or so, I hold him near Fat Letta to gauge her reaction. Eventually a day will come when she has no reaction. (Fat Letta is not the most demonstrative of women.) And that's when I place Mr. Conehead on a branch in her cage, then latch the door on the lovebirds.

If you look closely, you will see some beautiful turquoise spots on the lovely Letta. This is another sign that she's interested in spending time with Mr. Conehead.

I added some mood mist to the cage. Just kidding! It's just the mister which increases the humidity.

Wish us luck in our quest for a clutch of fertilized eggs.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I feel bad for Mr. Conehead.

Anonymous said...

Poor Mr.Conehead,he wasn't wanted ):>
Good luck with getting little Veiled Chameleons!!(:

Barrie said...

Charles: I sometimes feel a little sorry for him myself. But I guess this just how nature works for these Old World chameleons. :)

Barrie said...

AbaGayle: Thank you for the good luck wishes. We need them! I don't think the last batch of eggs were fertilized. ;(

Teresa said...

Great post!! Reptile love seems ever so much more complicated than muskrat love, almost as hard has human love, what with the gaping and the turquoise spots and all.

Clare2e said...

I love hearing about the complicated courtship of your chameleons. Fat Letty's turquoise spots are lovely- How could Mr. Conehead be expected to resist?

Jennette Marie Powell said...

Awwww, they're so pretty! People think reptiles just sit around, but our turtle entertains us every day. Good luck for some eggs!

That Janie Girl said...

Those are some beautiful reptilians.

*Is that a word?*

I can't wait for more babies!

Anonymous said...

Aww,well,you have my luck.(:
If you do end up getting little Veiled chameleons make sure to post pic's!

Sarah Laurence said...

Only you would post lizard romance – love it!

Catching up: good to see the book group carried on while I was gone. Nice review from child #4 and her friend. My daughter would have loved a cupcake book at that age too. Didn’t know egrets were such lousy parents – we have them in Maine too in summer. Congratulations to child #2 on graduating from high school!

Amy said...

I'm a new chameleon keeper, utterly enchanted by my female veiled. Thanks for posts and the pictures of yours, I got a lot of good information.

Barrie said...

Hi Amy! I'm always happy to meet another veiled owner!