Thursday, July 21, 2011

Child #3: Summer School Draws to a Close

Hurray! Today is the 2nd last day of summer school for Child #3 (15 year-old son). You may recall this ambitious child of mine wanted to get a Spanish class out of the way and ended up enrolling at a swanky private school in La Jolla.

I don't think I've ever mentioned that this same child designs t-shirts.

This is his most recent design. He wore it to summer school today.

After dinner tonight, he whipped up a couple more for fellow classmates who are PAYING HIM FOR THE T-SHIRTS! (Not much. Only $5. But still...his mother thinks these t-shirts should be gifts. Child #2 thinks his brother should charge more. Child #3 is standing firm at $5.)

To make a template, he cuts the picture out of a file folder. For a while he was using some old signs Home Depot gave him, but I guess he ran out. Then he stretches the t-shirt over a swimming kickboard, affixes the template to the t-shirt and spray paints.

Last week, Child #3 convinced his classmates to split the cost of an entire pizza pie instead of ordering individual slices. This saved $1 per student per day. (Perhaps the pizza savings are going toward the cost of the t-shirts. ;) )

I predict this creative, quick-thinking kid will go far!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Dang. He's goooood.

Anonymous said...

He is goood!
I want one :D
I've always wanted to learn to make t-shirts.
Great post,

Charles Gramlich said...

My son is finishing up summer school too. He's a bit older, though. Great t-shirt image.

Teresa said...

I'm with Child #2. I think he should charge a minimum of $8, especially to students at a swanky private school in La Jolla! Love that panda.

That Janie Girl said...

Looks like you passed a little of your creativity down!!

Awesome work!

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