Saturday, April 7, 2007

Reviews for I So Don't Do Mysteries

What people are saying about I So Don't Do Mysteries...

"Summy keeps the fizz in her effervescent premise...using a punchy first-person narration; story lines involving romances, movie stars, rhinos and egotistical chefs; and various eccentricities, including a late grandfather who assumes the form of a wren...Sherry remains entertaining, and readers will hope for a second caper."
--Publishers Weekly

"Sherry’s relationship with her mother’s spirit and her own quirky personality elevate this text by adding sincerity and warmth."

"A seriously funny ghost story packed with mystery, romance and fun."
--Sarah Mlynowski, author of the Magic in Manhattan series

"Featuring many of San Diego’s hot spots, it’s guaranteed to capture the interest of young and old alike. Can’t wait to read the sequel coming in the fall."
--San Diego Family Magazine

A FIVE star review from TeensReadToo:
"I SO DON’T DO MYSTERIES is a funny, engaging debut novel and Sherry’s antics will keep you turning pages since nothing happens as expected. Ms. Summy’s title suggests she so doesn’t do mysteries, but I believe she does them very, very well, and I surely hope she will be brewing up more mysteries for Sherry and her mother in the future."
--Cana Rensberger, TeensReadToo

"I think that Barrie Summy gets it just right. Her book feels like a wild romp, with just enough poignancy at the right moments to make it believable and honest and rooted in a real girl's experience...If you're after a mystery with a heroine who's got plenty of gumption (even though she might not know it), a few ghostly sidekicks, and otherwise an entirely normal teenage life, then look no further than Barrie Summy's I So Don't Do Mysteries."
--Shelf Elf

"I loved Sherlock (Sherry) Holmes Baldwin, she was just the right amount of pink for me...Summy has created a very lovable character in Sherry Baldwin and doesn't skimp us on the others. I look forward to reading more."
--The Happy Nappy Bookseller

"It's a really funny book, Mom, which is weird because you don't have much of a sense of humor."
--Child #3

"I had such a blast reading your book! I really liked your descriptions... Your fabulous sense of humour comes out clearly throughout the book... I liked the attitude you gave Sherry - totally unlike you growing up, I'm sure.
I can't wait for the next book...You're one smart cookie!"
--my very very excellent friend, KJ

"I absolutely adored this book and it just flew by. I loved the humor in the book as well as all the characters, all of whom were really well-written and brought their own piece to the story. The mystery itself was fantastic, and had quite a few twists and turns throughout the book, with the ending and culprit being a total surprise and someone I had not suspected. I'm so glad this is the first in a series because I can't wait to read more of Sherry's adventures in sleuthing!"
--Book Chic

"Sherry's energy is contagious, and rooting for her was a delight."
--Becky Levine

"It was fun to see the twists and turns the investigation took."
--Mrs. V

"Barrie Summy’s I So Don’t Do Mysteries is a book I would have adored as a preteen. Actually, I adored it as an adult."
--Stacy of the Cat's Meow

Natalie L. of Wichita, KS rated this book "5/5--THE BEST!"
--Book Hooks

Amanda K of New Jersey says, "If you read the story, I So Don't Do Mysteries, you won't regret it."
--Book Hooks