Sunday, May 27, 2007

Can your personality change after thirty?

What do I say? Yes! Oui! Si! The proof is in the poodle.

Can your personality change after the age of thirty? No says, a website that maintains we can expect major personality changes after thirty only with big, scary events like a brain tumor or stroke or Alzheimers. Yes says the American Psychological Association, especially in the areas of conscientiousness and agreeableness. Also, men become more neurotic, women less so.

I stood firm on zero canines at our house. For fifteen solid-as-a-rock, not-budging, no-discussion years. Because I am SO not a pet person. I do not write with a dog at my feet. I do not take walks, a leash in one hand, a plastic bag in the other. I do not have "Small Bites Kibble" on my grocery list.

Today I searched craigslist for a poodle.

What caused the change in my personality? Child #4. My adorable, delightful soon-to-be-seven daughter who can't pass a pooch without falling to her knees and wrapping her arms around its possibly mangy neck. It's her birthday. She wants a dog.

Off to hang out at doggybloggy.

p.s. This is a secret until Wednesday. Do not tell Child #4.

p.p.s. Anything you so don't do? Feel free to share by clicking on "comments."


Eileen said...

Once you have a dog there is no going back. We have two. Twice the plastic bags, twice the kibble.

melissa said...

I so don't do pets either--a NYC apartment and a media schedule just means it's impossible.

But I am turning 30 next week, so... who knows?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know I'd love cats until, at the age of 42, I married my dh who had 2 cats. Now we have 3 and they are definitely our kids. Some people were suspect of this change in me. But what this changing my personality? Perhaps not. Perhaps it was just discovering parts of my personality I didn't know I had.

Anonymous said...

How is it that child #1-#3 did not talk you into getting a dog? Did they just not want one?

Barrie said...

Hmmm...DH!!! :) So, why didn't we cave for the children #1-3? I think I know why. Do you?

Sandy said...

I so don't do snakes. I don't care if some are not venomous. I see a snake, I hear a snake, and I run. Maybe it has something to do with the close encounter of the lovely rattler found in a fellow camper's sleeping bag or maybe it was the story about the one slithering around the porta-potty on a white-water trip down the Grand Canyon.

Hmm...cute poodle. Should we create a pool to see how many weeks it will take for your daughter to say, "Mom, I'm doing homework. I can't walk the dog!" :-)

Happy pooper scooping. :-)

Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, a poodle. You'll love him/her. They're smart and most importantly don't shed. And your daughter will be so excited!

What a nice mommy you are, Barrie.