Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Another name for it is "housewife's eczema." Commonly found on the palms.

What causes it?

Stress. Like when you have a summer with lots of writing to do AND lots of kids, kids' activities, out-of-town company, at least one family vaca.

What else causes it?

Sunlight. Chlorinated pool water. Soap. Something I didn't totally understand involving fungus.

I obviously need to hire a nanny, drain the pool, use only disposable plates and cups, stop bathing, eat mushrooms and move to a dark cave with my MacBook.



Colorado Writer said...

And put your kids in drop in daycare a few days a week.

Thanks for the good wishes about Karen at Puffin.

It's been a long year of waiting for that particular ms to sell. I haen't gotten serious about an agent, yet.

I read about your deal a few weeks ago! Congrats on snagging Delacorte and of course RV, the queen of agenting!

Barrie said...

Colorado Writer: Great suggestion. Thank you for the congrats. I've heard wonderful things about Karen, so will keep my fingers crossed for you. :) Let me know what happens. Also, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of my favorite books too. :)

Sandy said...

Looks like you need some deep breathing techniques and a comfortable pair of cotton gloves. :-)

Barrie said...

Sandy: I shoul've known you'd come up with a breathing solution. :) Thank you!