Friday, June 8, 2007

Two Stars!

Congratulations to Child #1 who graduated from high school today! Child #1, please, please do not become one of the 58% high school grads who doesn't ever pick up another book. Why? Your life would be a much sadder, grayer place without books.

Congratulations to Child #3 who, at the ripe old age of 11, came second yesterday in a ballroom dancing competition! His lindy hop was pure genius!


Sara Hantz said...

Cool logo!

Congrats to your dancing champion

Joelle said...

Hi, Barrie. Thanks for linking to me. I'm trying to get Eileen to embark on a real Reading Revolution with me...challenges, prizes, the lot. Check back to see what we come up with. And thank you for your nice words about my website!

Barrie said...

Sara: I will pass along the congrats. I taught him everything I know. Not!

Barrie said...

Joelle: You're very welcome for the link. Let me know what you two revolutionaries come up with!