Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Does anyone else remember a time when there was an apostrophe between the e's in Halloween? (as in Hallowe'en) No matter. Here, a great time was had by all. Child #3 got lots of compliments on his homemade costume. Child #4 got to real makeup, body glitter, and hair streaks. The children got licorice which they shared with me. We set out all the pumpkins, even those full of mold and ants. Child #4 and I quickly carved a couple of fresh pumpkins after school.

And here are a couple of pics. (Alyssa, I hope you're happy. :) )

Picture A WAS my amazing, talented rendition of Frankenstein carrying his frightful bride.

Picture B is a bat. Simple, but effective. In my humble, carver's opinion.

Any rambling (or typos) in this post is due to the fact that I've been up for 19 (as in, NINETEEN) hours!!! Good night.


Janette Rallison said...

I never knew Halloween used to have an apostrophe and now it doesn't. Well, that actually gives me hope about spelling. Maybe other things can be changed too. Like taking out the space in 'a lot'. I mean, what the heck does it need a space for anyway? We are not talking about a lot that is for sale which you are going to build a house on. We are speaking of a lot of candy, (Since it is Halloween) and there is clearly no lot involved.

Anyway, nice to meet you. Great site. Your book looks super cool!

Sherry said...

Love the pumpkins..very creative!! Glad Hallowe'en was a hit and yes, I DO remember when there was an apostrophe between the 2 "e"s...what happened to it? Who took it away? Why did it become redundant?!?

Sally Lawton said...

Very creative pumkins, I love them!


Bev said...

Hi Barrie!
Thanks for your comment on my blog:)
We are having quite an adventure here in England but we miss the good ole USA Halloween:( (Overdone as it may be!) They barely recognise it here and some even get mad and call it begging! Boooo.
And, speaking of licorice, I do hope it was Red Vines or Ropes you were eating...and not that Twizzler stuff. (Can you tell my family owns American Licorice, makers of Red Vines, Ropes and Sour Punch straws?)
Eat, and write, on!

Barrie said...

Janette: Very valid point about a lot. I'm sure many kids agree! Loved your pics of Disneyland, BTW!

Barrie said...

Hi Sherry! You know, now I really want to know when the ' disappeared in Halloween. I'm pretty sure the ' was first there to replace the letter v.

Barrie said...

Sally: thank you. Hope you're feeling better.

Barrie said...

Hi Bev! Your family owns American Licorice???!!! Can we be best friends?

Bev said...


Alyssa Goodnight said...

Very nice! I usually don't even try to undertake such daring projects. Thanks for the pics! ;)