Monday, October 22, 2007


They're saying this is the worst wildfire situation ever experienced in San Diego county. Out of the last 130 years, this is the driest. Less than 3 inches of precipitation in some places. Also, we've got those dry, gusty Santa Ana winds fuelling the fires. Over 250,000 people have been evacuated. Including a hospital. The endangered animals from the Wild Animal Park have been evacuated. About 150,000 acres have already burned.

It's also a day where you'll get phone calls offering you a place to stay if you get the dreaded reverse 911 call. A day where the local news stations will tell you which evac centers have too many donations of blankets and food. A day where a local Home Depot will give their parking lot to house a hundred horses. Of my little writing critique group, two of us were evacuated and two of us are hosting evacuees. I'm one of the lucky ones. Our area is safe.

Here's hoping for a change in weather over the night.

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Sherry said...

When nature speaks we listen. And we realize how much as it stake when fires like this rage, when water levels have not been where they should be because of climate changes.
May you stay safe and the fires be controlled as soon as possible.