Friday, December 14, 2007

The Office Christmas Party OR The Unworn Dress

Last Saturday was DH's office party.

I had plans to get tarted up in my black, sequined dress with the help of Child #3 and Child #4. I had brand-new thigh-height stockings (which, for the record, don't stay up) and a new Neutrogena lipstick and matching lip pencil.

Then DH (AKA ex-Hernia Boy) made a very wild, off-the-wall request: "Please don't wear the black, sequined dress."


Hmpf. I ended up in a purplish dress I'd picked up last year during the post-season sales. And which I had never worn before. Child #3 said I still looked beautiful, but the dress was a weird color. In vain, I tried to convince him that aubergine was the new black. Child #4 described me as "a smush of eggplant and prune juice." While unflattering, you must admit this is pretty creative for a seven year old. A sign of brilliance even. (Please take note, teacher of Child #4.)

To make matters worse, Child #4 had used up all my blush when last playing Makeup. And my slip had somehow been relegated to the dress-up bin from where it had leapt into a black hole. DH assured me you could only see through my dress in certain lights. And I'd probably be okay at the Marriott).

So, wan of cheek, lacking in the undergarment department, and dressed in a smush of eggplant + prune juice, I left for the party. In the pouring rain. Thank goodness I managed to dredge up a happy-face umbrella from Walmart. My stylish, six-ounce Totes has spent most of the first semester in Child #2's locker.

Despite all this, I had a TERRIFIC time. Because we were seated at the funnest table. Of the ten guests at Fun Table Seven, five were American, two were Bulgarian, one was Chinese and two of us were Canadian.

I enjoyed the goodnatured Toronto-Montreal rivalry with P. Of course, I could afford to be goodnatured; we have the CN Tour. And thank you, T., for saying I could pass for sixteen years old. The lighting was, apparently, good for something. Thank you, I., for the entertaining haircut. Thank you A., L. and R. for the great conversations. Congrats to P. and A. and W on the new babies. And a huge, huge shout-out to W. for gushing about my book.

P.S. I tried to post a pic of the black, sequined dress, but could only get it t show up sideways. Which truly doesn't do it justice!


Anonymous said...

Sounds entertaining! I am glad that you had a good time. Way to go #4 for the creative description of the color of the dress. Thanks to that I know I have very good idea of the color. All is well here. xo


Gina Black said...

I'm going to my Xmas party in a purple dress too. Only I'm also wearing grey and white striped leggings and purple Uggs. And, yes. This *is* dressed up for me. :)

Barrie said...

Hi YPN! Glad to hear all is going well. Are you supposed to get more ice storms this weekend? Let me know if you'd ever like to borrow (or even own) the "smush of eggplant + prune juice" dress!

Barrie said...

Hi Gina, Debut Author!!! You could always send me a pic of your dressed up. We'll see what Child #4 comes up with description-wise. :) I'm like you--I don't dress up much.

Family Adventure said...

Sounds like an awesome par-tay, but I am curious -- why didn't he want you wearing the little black number??

CN Tour -- giggle.

Heidi :)

Sherry said...

Once again the point is is not how we look but who we are with that makes the event...and I guess you were seated a lot of the time so no one saw your "unmentionables" sans slip!!!

Loved how you told this story and I'm glad you had a good time.

JenKneeBee said...

"He assured me you could only see through my dress in certain lights." Hahahaha! That is a great line. Glad you had a fun time anyway.

Beth said...

Wonderful the way kids can help Mom get dressed! But what was wrong with wearing the black sequined dress? Too bad you couldn't get "tarted up."
Glad you had a good time - always helps to get seated at a "good" table.

Shari said...

Wow. Sounds like you had a good time.

Wonder what's wrong with the black dress? I don't even think my seven-ear-old knows what color eggplant and prune juice is. :) But kids do come up with comments that take you by surprise.

Again, the important thing was you had the funnest table. :)

Michele Tune said...

Hi Barrie,

Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog! And... congrats on the book--woo hoo!

Writing the Cyber Highway

Barrie said...

Heidi, Shari, Beth: I'm not entirely sure when he wasn't gungho about the black, sequined dress. Maybe he's bored of it? It's been my fall-back dress for a little while now. I couldn't get a straight answer the night of the party and still can't. This may just remain one of the mysteries of the world. :)

Maureen McGowan said...

Why do all non-Torontonian Canadians hate Toronto :-(

I say they're jealous. :-)

Sylvia C. said...

So great to hear that you STILL had a wonderful time, AND that your children are so wildly amusing!


Sylvia C.

bella said...

it sounds like a wonderful time.
and I just love the way you write.

Barrie said...

Bella, you have totally made my day!

Rachel said...

Did T really say that, I don't remember that! It was a fun night and i have plenty of pictures if you wanted any to post... :) PS. I would have loved to see the black dress!

Barrie said...

Hi Rachel!!!! Well, T. apparently said it to M. And you would have definitely loved the black sequined dress. Thanks for posting :)