Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday: vitamins, TV, Juno

I am adding a new New Year's Resolution: #7 Watch more TV and movies

To this end, I downloaded Grey's Anatomy, Season #3 to my iPod Classic. Yes, it cost $34. But I had to do it. Now that it's a New Year's Resolution and all. I'll watch it at the gym.

And I went out Friday evening with a girlfriend, Santee Babe. It was wild. It was crazy. We almost got popcorn WITH butter. Actually, we abandoned our respective children and spouse and escaped to the movies. We saw Juno. Which I've been wanting to see since Maureen reviewed it.

Anyway, Santee Babe and I loved Juno. Even though we were the only two slightly seasoned babes (I was the one with the cuter highlights) in a sea of teens. Great fodder for a middle grade/young adult writer. :)

Thank you Diablo Cody for the amazing dialogue. Here's an example. During the ultrasound, Juno's friend smarts off about how freaky the baby looks. And Juno's brilliant reply: "I am a sacred vessel; all you got in your stomach is Taco Bell."

And for those of you who have seen Juno, but didn't stay in the theatre until the very last letter of the very last line of the credits, here are a few interesting tidbits:

-The baby in the ultrasound got a credit. (His name was Matthew....well, something. I think it might have been Sanders?)
-The catering company for the movie personnel during the shooting was TV Dinners Limited
-Their were no out-takes. So, you didn't miss anything on that front.

And, now, a confession: Today I washed down my vitamins with diet coke. It felt wrong, but I couldn't stop myself.


Laura said...

Ohhhh..I want to see Juno as well! Thanks for your review!

DC is my drink of choice as well...and my morning "coffee!"

Family Adventure said...

I haven't even heard about Juno (I guess we are kinda behind here in Norway), but it sounds good! Funny that the fetus was credited :)


Jason said...

I made the same resolution. Not officially, but I wanted watch more movies. Over the past month we've been watching tons of movies--like last night we watched Disturbia.

Juno looked really interesting. I haven't seen very many adds for it here, only the really short ones on TV that tell you nothing about it. The movie I'm reaaaally looking forward to seeing is Sweenie Todd.

Rebecca said...

I like your new years resolution to watch more TV. Let's hope you can stick to it! I think I might adopt that one as well. I too loved Juno and wrote about it last week.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am almost done with the Gathering and I think you should keep it on your list! I would love to hear your thoughts on it once you have read it.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that you will be catching up on Grey's. You might need to include a box of Kleenex in the gym bag. It is good. Glad to hear you will be watching more movies. I am sure Net Flicks will be too.


Ravenous Reader said...

Thanks for visiting Bookstack! Nice meeting you :)

I'm interested in your resolution- I've become very complacent about tv and movies, and sometimes feel "out of it" in terms of pop culture. I've actually thought I should be watching more, so I can least hold up my end of dinner conversations.

Grey's Anatomy is good-I do watch that. Also Big Love is a good series. My all time favorite - Six Feet Under. Rent them - you won't be sorry. (Perhaps I watch more than I thought?!)

Ghost Girl said...

Can't wait to see Juno! Taking my 10-year-old to see The Waterhorse in a little while. Have to save Juno for a more indulgent time.

Anonymous said...

Great review on Juno I've been wanting to see it. But I'll have to recruit some of my "seasoned" girlfriends. that!

Sherry said...

I LOVE it that you "couldn't stop" yourself!!! Oh least it was "diet"!!

bella said...

I too loved Juno.
It was the best thing i'd seen in a long time.
And enjoy Grey's Anatomy. Not as good as the first two seasons, but I do think this year they started to find their way again.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I've heard good things about this movie, but I'm sure I'll be watching it via DVD--or possibly even cable!

Nancy said...

I am really out of the loop ... JUNO? I know of the card game is all. I should try to watch more TV and movies, but I am too hyper to sit that long.

Vita-Coke ... you may be on to something =)

Beth said...

I am so behind on all TV shows and movies. One of my kids gave me a DVD of Brothers and Sisters (Season One!) I'm loving it.
Have noted the movie Juno - sounds good.

Mary B said...

I'm anxious to see Juno, but I need to round up some of my friends. Having nothing but boys and a husband means I'm stranded in the land of testosterone.

Ps. And thanks for the blog comment. Outlines do in fact rock!

Mary Alice said...

My son and his girlfriend went to see Juno last night. God save us all.

I like the idea of watching more sister gave me the entire season of Brothers and I plan to watch an episode every Friday afternoon as special end of school week treat.

Mac and Cheese said...

More TV. That's a very worthwhile resolution.

Mrs. G. said...

I am just waiting for a lazy afternoon when I can go see Juno and have popcorn WITH butter and a Diet Coke. Heaven.

Attila The Mom said...

I can't wait to see Juno! Even if I have to drag hubby by his short hairs. ;-)

Don Mills Diva said...

Oooh I so want to see Juno. Must get out to more movies in 2008 as well - we are really pathetic about that and we both work in the industry!

Princess Pointful said...

I absolutely adored Juno.
She was way cooler than me as a teenager!