Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Of shoes and ships and sealing wax...

Okay. So, it's going to be your basic hodge-podge post.

Collective nouns for a group of seals (in alpha order because it's an organized hodge-podge post):

a harem of seals
a herd of seals
a pod of seals
a rookery of seals

I LOVE collective nouns. And hyphens. And I rarely turn down a glass of a halfway decent pinot noir.

The fake Katie Couric returns tomorrow for an interview with the talented Liz Gallagher, author of THE OPPOSITE OF INVISIBLE. The fake Katie Couric (try saying that five times fast!) is full of quips and humor and good interview questions. Not to say the real Katie Couric isn't all this and maybe more. Just don't sell the fake KC short.

PLUS, the fake KC is GENEROUS. She has an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of THE OPPOSITE OF INVISIBLE to give away to a lucky commenter. And I don't believe I ever heard of the real KC doling out prizes.

So: Tomorrow. Here. Author Interview. Liz Gallagher. Free ARC.

TODAY, you could click over to the Class of 2k8's Blog where it's Jody Feldman's launch week for her middle grade novel, THE GOLLYWHOPPER GAMES. AND there's a great book trailer too!


Jessica Burkhart said...

See, you say the words "free" and "ARC" and you're gonna be swamped. :)

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

I love "harem of seals." Great mental image :-)

Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Okay -- I love me some "fake Katie Couric" especially with freebies!!! :)

You must tell me the dates of when you are going to be in my neck of the woods!! Would love to hook up!

Angela said...

Loved the title of this post.
There are quite a few ways to talk about seals aren't there.

Jody Feldman said...

My favorite has always been ...
a murder of crows.
Very Poe-tic.

gabe said...

since school of fish is taken
and seals like to play ...
I'll go for a playground of seals.

fun stuff