Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Town Monday: Malibu, CA

I spent the weekend in Malibu, CA.

And what did I do there?

I hunted for FAMOUS PEOPLE!

All for you, my dear bloggy friends. Well, maybe not all for you... And maybe I did a few other things besides star stalking...

But I did think it would be very fun if I snapped a few candid pics of the stars with my extremely lousy digital Richoh camera.

Before leaving San Diego, I googled for "famous people living in Malibu" and then kept the list and my camera in my pocket.

Specifically, my eyes were peeled for Neil Young (whom I have loved forever), Mel Gibson, Julie Andrews, Goldie Hawn, Barbra Streisand, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Aniston, Pierce Brosnan.

And here are some places I looked for the stars:

a fruit stand with California white peaches and Califorinia green Keitt mangoes

Mulholland Drive

the Santa Monica Mountains

the Malibu Inn

the Scientology center

at the gas pumps where I paid the absolute most I've ever paid for gas (in this country): $4.73

at a sideways Mexican restaurant with a scary sideways giant waiter statue on the roof

and, of course, at the beach


I think they must have all stayed home, hiding out in the MALIBU COLONY, a GATED community, with muli-million dollar homes and fantastic views of the ocean.

But, never fear, FAMOUS PEOPLE, I'll be back again. You are only a few hours' drive away, some of it in stressful LA traffic. Maybe next time, I'll have a better camera. And more comfortable stalking shoes. And a plan for infiltrating THE Colony!

So, that this post isn't only fluff, I leave you with a few Malibu facts: Malibu is an incorporated city in Western LA. It has 21 miles of coastline. The name "Malibu" comes from the Chumash Indian name meaning "the surf sounds loudly." (I really did means "a few" and they're from Wikepedia.)

Thank you, Travis Erwin, for spearheading My Town Mondays. You can check out Travis' post on Adobe Walls, an old trading post near Amarillo, TX. Also, he has links to the other participants (also known as "Mondayers").


Christina Phillips said...

I like the sideways Mexican restaurant. I kept expecting the diners to slide slowly off the end of the picture like the people in the portraits in Harry Potter!!

Beth said...

Neil Young, Julie Andrews - strange combination but I love both of them too. Better luck next time!

Travis Erwin said...

Sorry your stargazing was all that successful but cool psot jsut the same. Nice to see the pictures and put images with names I've always heard.

Annie said...

If you'd seen one though, well, would you have pointed? Stammered? Stuttered? or just laughed a crazy, star struck giggle that would scare the hair off Brad Pitt? Some things are better left undone


Sounds like a very fun trip and now I have to go find peaches...yum!

Unknown said...

you'd think you'd get a celebrity sighting at the scientology center! :) not that seeing tom cruise would excite me all that much since i think he's a wacko. :)

looks like a fun trip!

Gina Black said...

OMG you're a Neil Young fan too? We call him Brother Neil at my place.

Ummmmm. Cinnamon girl? Only Love Can Break Your Heart? And he's got this newish album with a song called No Hidden Path that makes my heart melt.

I didn't know he was LAish. I thought he was a NoCal guy. But what do I know.

pattinase (abbott) said...

The best place to spot celebrities here is on the plane to New York. They switch flights in Detroit.

Larramie said...

Perhaps, Barrie, Torrey Pines might have yielded some stars to gaze upon. ;)

Linda McLaughlin said...

Sounds like a lovely day, but sorry you didn't see any FAMOUS PEOPLE. My hubby and I used to go to a seafood restaurant once in a while, but I've forgotten the name of it. Don't know if it's still there or not. The beach is beautiful.


Charles Gramlich said...

The one time I was in Hollywood I saw the guy who played Kojak, Telly Savalis, at the pool in our hotel.

Unknown said...

Oooh, how much fun must that have been!!!! Loved the pics, even if there weren't any famous peeps in them! :-)

WordVixen said...

Bwahahah! I'm thinking a sideways restaurant with a sideways statue would make for great publicity (aka- tourist trap). I must needs find investors.

Anonymous said...

I bet all the stars were at Torrey Pines Golf Course for the US Open :-)

Patti said...

i was holding my breath to see who you saw....alas.

Laura said...

I wonder if you saw stars, but didn't recognize them? I was in NY last week and trying to spot someone...anyone..but to no avail.
Didn't they know we were around?
Don't they know who we are?

Anonymous said...

LOL! You can't go looking for them - you just have to happen to see them. :) I did see Lee Majors in Malibu years ago.

Laura said...

Even with the downer of the gas price - it looks like a really great escape!

Beth said...

Half the time I see famous people I dont recognize them. They're always shorter in person. Ha, Scientology! Great stalkerazzi location. Good luck next time!

Rebecca Hickman said...

I miss my Malibu Barbie doll!

JaneyV said...

"Surf sounds loudly" eh? And here was me thinking it was a Jamaican rum!
Love the sideways Mexican restaurant.

debra said...

Too bad the stargazing wasn't as you wished, Barrie. Great photos nonetheless. When I was visiting my daughter in NYC, we saw Michele Branch at Billy's Bakery. Does that count?

TBM said...

Holy frijole, would you look at those gas prices! When I left Texas in Feb '07 they were still in the low $2s.

BTW, I live in a town near where Julie Andrews was born! And I was just in Salzburg where Sound of Music was filmed ;-)