Monday, June 23, 2008

My Town Monday: Surf Diva Surf School

Surf Diva Surf School has been running surfing camps for women (12 years and older) out of La Jolla beach for over 10 years now.

It looks so fun!

There are all sorts of delightful options: 2-day weekend clinic (about $165/person), 5-day class surf clinic (about $391/person), week-long boarding school (about $1490/person). There are classes for every level of surfer. And, if San Diego isn't exotic enough for you, Surf Diva offers clinics in Costa Rica. There was so much clamouring that Surf Diva now offers clincs for boys and co-ed.

You may be wondering why I haven't done Surf Diva.

Can I swim? Yes.

Am I worried about wearing a swimsuit in public? No more than your average female. :)

Do I live too far from La Jolla? No. I'm about 18 miles from that particular beach.

Here's the deal, folks...My eyesight is SO bad that I can't even see my FEET clearly. Which means I can barely find the shore, never mind a surfboard that ditched me in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Although I just read on the Surf Diva website that you can wear swim goggles when surfing.

Hmmm.....I do have prescription swim goggles. I gather they're not overly fashionable; my children tell me I look like a human fly with them on. The upside, though, is that I can see my feet. And find my towel on the beach.

An aside: did you know that prescription swim goggles are relatively inexpensive? Mine were about $20. The trick is to buy goggles slightly weaker (like a 1/2 diopter weaker) than your glasses because of the magnifying property of water. If your right and left eyes have really different prescriptions, buy two pair of goggles and have the swim shop switch the lenses around (or you might even be able to do the switcheroo yourself).

Here's the link for the end of the Surf Diva Surf School.

Ack. I just noticed the time. It's late. And I have to get up very early to take my kids to swim practice.

Thanks Travis Erwin for organizing My Town Monday. He has a very fun post up on Travis ErwinCyd Charisse who comes from the same town as Travis. Also, Linda McLaughlin wrote an interesting post last week on the history of surfing.


Sarakastic said...

I rarely go swimming because I wear glasses but if there was a surf diva school, or an ocean nearby, I'd have to make an exception

Rebecca Hickman said...

My husband tried to teach me to surf once, and I got all banged up. I did have fun showing off my surfing bruises, though.

Speaking of Californis . . .
Are you going to the ALA Conference?


Linda McLaughlin said...

What a cool post. Who wouldn't want to be a surf diva? Besides me, that is. LOL I have bad eyesight, too. Didn't know the swim goggles were so inexpensive. Good to know if I ever want to go snorkeling or something.

Thanks for an interesting post.


Travis Erwin said...

What a cool school. I would love to surf, but being as I'm not all that coordinated and the nearest beach is seven hundred miles or so away I doubt I ever do.

But I think you should sing up and post about the experience so all us landlocked folks can live through you.

Lisa said...

Ha! I used to try to waterski and wakeboard with contacts in, which of course was disastrous half the time (me treading water, asking person in boat to see if they can locate my contact jammed up between my eyelid and cranium, or if it's just gone). I had lasik about five years ago and it was one of the most life-changing events of my life. But being blind as a bat in the water was definitely the biggest challenge to uncorrected nearsighted vision.

Family Adventure said...

I've never tried surfing, but I think I would if I could go to a class like the one you describe. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

My hubster had terrible eyesight. Blind as a bat without his glasses. But he had laser surgery last year, and is a new man. Is this an option for you?


Bill Clark said...

Following up on Heidi's comment, I too have a friend who just had Lasik, and went from blind as a bat to 20/15. (I hear she may be trying out for the Blue Angels now!)

Think of all the money you'll save on glasses and swim goggles! Not to mention all the nice shoes you might see that would look really good on your feet! :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I rarely go swimming myself, because I just don't swim well. I taught myself how to swim and didn't have a very good teacher.

brian_ohio said...

If you do end up going... you'd better post photos. This I gotta see... even though you can't. ;-)

Bina said...

I would LOVE to do that! I wear contacts. Can't you wear them with goggles on or can you not wear contacts???

Beth said...

You didn't mention sharks. (Perhaps there aren't any there??) That would be my #1 reason for not surfing - along with some others (i.e. lack of co-ordination, lousy balance.) But it certainly looks like fun.

Mary Nix said...

wow, it looks like fun.

I don't surf because I'm just not all that great of a swimmer. They do actually surf here on Lake Erie, especially if a big storm is coming that produces some good waves!

lyzzydee said...

Surfing is well beyond what I could do now !! I had never considered the problems that eyesight would have with swimming!!!

debra said...

I love the IDEA of a school called Surf Diva, even though I wouldn't be a good candidate for it. What a cool thing. Thanks

Bee said...

I just read an article about a writer and a 46 year old (as the article emphasizes) learning to surf for the first time.

It sounded very -- ah, bruising.

I think that my Surf Diva days are behind me, but this was still quite interesting to read about! Lucky you, living near La Jolla.

BTW, I got LASIK about five years ago . . . and now my eyes are failing again. It was lovely while it lasted, though.

Larramie said...

Your next book: SURF DIVA! *G*

Annie said...

I have a very healthy respect for the ocean...very healthy. It involves me keeping my suit ON MY BODY despite the waves constant attempt to disrobe me. The ocean is big, bigger than me. The ocean is loud, louder (IT IS TOO) than me. The ocean is full of strange and wonderful creatures - who will EAT you given the chance.

Land. Land is good.

Lainey-Paney said...

I don't swim in oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, puddles, etc., count me out.

~Virginia~ said...

how fun! i would totally try it!

Anonymous said...

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