Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kelly Couric interviews TERI BROWN!

Kelly Couric here! (waving hands and dancing around madly). Barrie usually introduces me as..."the slightly chubby, super sassy and trailer-trashy KELLY Couric." I'm all that and more, folks. All that and more.

(Door squeaks open.) Hi, I'm Teri Brown. Is this where Barrie's doing my interview? Are you her secretary?

(Hands on ample hips, Kelly glares at Teri.) Her secretary? I so don't think so. If I weren't such a huge fan of Read My Lips, I'd quit talking to you. (clears throat) Okay, blogsphere people, I'd like you all to meet Teri Brown, member of the Class of 2k8, debut YA novelist of the fantastic Read My Lips.

Thank you. Thank you. So, Barrie put you in charge of my interview?

(looking around) Well, ya certainly don't see her around, do ya? In this cutthroat biz, you snooze, you lose. And that's literally what she's doing. Napping.

Oh, That's right. I heard Barrie's having a tough time with insomnia. Poor thing.

Poor thing? She's a major wimp. (claps loudly) Okay. On with the interview. Teri, pretend I'm a really rich and famous literary agent. And you're lucky enough to get to pitch to me. What's your book about?

I guess that depends on whether it’s an elevator pitch or a longer pitch! My elevator pitch was this: A deaf skater chick moves to a new school and uses her amazing lip reading ability to infiltrate the popular crowd, bust up an exclusive secret sorority, and tame the school rebel.

If we were actually talking over drinks I would expand on that!

Do you outline?

Do I what?

Um no. I actually start off with an idea and then write a back cover type blurb on it. Then I write out a three or four page synopsis and try to capture the major plot elements as well as the MC’s emotional journey. Then I start writing. Usually the finished product differs quite a bit from the first synopsis!

Now that you've achieved your publishing goal, are you actually working on anything new? Or do writers publish, then chill on the couch, guzzling cocktails and bonbons?

I wish! Once you’re published you immediately start worrying about the second book! It’s so important for your overall career to get that second book contract, to say nothing of your self esteem!

Then there is the whole book launch to worry about! And then of course, sales, etc. Being a writer entails so much more than writing!

Tell us something weird about yourself. Preferably juicy and scandalous. We're all friends here. Seriously. What's said on this blog, stays on this blog.

Except of course that the blog is PUBLIC!

Drat! You're pretty AND smart.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to abstain from anyting scandalous, because my past is pretty checkered!

One cool thing is that I survived a brain tumor. At least, it’s pretty cool to most teens! Especially when I get into the gritty details on how they had to slit my nose open and break it in order to get up to where the tumor was and… what? Kelly are you alright? You’re looking a little green…

(plugging ears) This is NOT a medical blog. I repeat, this is NOT a medical blog.

(Teri smiles) I think Barrie could've handled that.

(Kelly rolls eyes) Whatever. So, what's your favorite cookie? Are you willing to share?

Share cookies or recipes? I am seriously dieting so I haven’t had a real cookie in ages. My favorite cookies are Oreos. Honestly. So I am currently stuck on the 100 calorie pack Oreos. They don’t have any cream filling, but I think it’s overrated anyway.

Thanks so much for stopping by. You're definitely my type of gal. Well, except for the gross medical details. But I'm definitely into the checkered past thing. So, did you bring me a gift? Like, say, a bottle of Glenfiddich? In that cute triangular bottle?

(Teri laughs.) No gifts, sorry. But thank you for interviewing me. And tell Barrie I hope she's sleeping better soon.

Sure. I'll tell her. You can count on me. Yada, yada, yada.

Okay, people. Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Read My Lips by Teri Brown. You have until Saturday, July 12 at midnight (Pacific time). The next day, because Child #4 is only eight and doesn't get to stay up until midnight, Child #4 will randomly choose a name from a bowl. Barrie'll send you the book.

Kelly tosses a boa over her shoulder, then sashays off. When she's halfway across the room, she stops and turns. "Hey, and don't worry...I'll be back!"


Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Hahaha! Great interview, Barrie, er, Kelly! Sounds like a great book and Teri sounds like a fun person :-)

Sheri said...

Hey Teri and Kelly... great interview. It was a lot of fun. And Teri, that part about having to be ready with the next book... my eyes grew wid and a lump in my throat suddenly appeared! I am still just trying to finish the first one but when I read that, I thought, OMG! That's so true. I mean I always knew that was true - you don't want to be a one-hi-wonder, but I felt your tension! Oh the pressure never ends....

Oh yeah, child#4, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me…

Bill Clark said...

This is hilarious! Kelly is hitting her mid-season form. Pretty soon you'll have to get her to interview herself - oh, wait, maybe she's aleady done that? :)

laughingwolf said...

lol... love it, kinda :O

hope you're able to get some of those lost zzzzzzzzzzzzs back, no fun wandering around, zombie-like, esp with wee ones abound...

don't forget to eat, once in a while, too :)

Fifi Flowers said...

Love the interview!
My first time to your site... and I find you are quite the literary superstar... a big time interview and all! WOW!
I have a middle schooler... they do like grotesque blood and guts mixed with humor... good luck with your book!

brian_ohio said...

Is Kelly married? Did she graduate? From the 8th grade?

The books sound terrific. I bet my daughters would love it. Hm. Sounds like I need to pick it up.

Is that Barrie snoring?

Charles Gramlich said...

Interesting. The idea of writing a back cover blurb as part of the planning process never occurred to me, but it's a great idea.

Patti said...

i love how kelly gets to the meat of an interview...

Sara Hantz said...

Fab interview.... so funny!!

Anonymous said...

Great interview--Nice sparring, Teri & Kelly! I'm sure Barrie could have handled the brain tumor stuff, too. :)

Count me in for the contest; sounds like a wonderful book.

Meredith said...

That was funny! Count me in for the contest!


Beth said...

That was a great interview. I am just getting into YA and I love it. The stories are smart, current and interesting. I would love to win Teri's book, if not I'll just buy it!

Breanna said...

Great interview with Teri! I've been wanting to read Read My Lips for a while now. It sounds really great. =)


Breanna said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I appreciate it!


Stacy said...

That's a great interview. Kelly should do the interviews for my e-zine ;)

Don Mills Diva said...

I like Kelly waaaay better than Katie Couric - I assume she'll be stealing her job any day now...:-)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

hahaha hilarious! loved the interview. definitely need to read this book. it looks absolutely awesome, i must say.

but wow...a brain tumor? that's crazy. i'm so glad it's all gone now!!!!


Annie said...

Love it and knowing the talented Mrs. Brown the way I do...Katie's lucky to have lived. LOL

Timber Beast said...

Thanks for stopping by on my blog. Congratulations on your upcoming book. I wish you all the best for it.


Anonymous said...

I hope you find some time to get some sleep. Tell #4 to draw my name I need a new book to read. :) Not to mention it sounds right up my alley. XOXO


Shelli said...

Sounds like a great book!

Loved the interview.

Shari said...

Terrific interview - entertaining from start to finish! Thanks! :D

JaneyV said...

Kelly -as always your interview technique has left my after-three-kids-weakened pelvic floor wishing you weren't so darned funny. Great interview! And Teri, as Charles said I think the back-cover blurb writing thing is a brilliant way to focus the plot. Of course the plot The Project has now doesn't even remotely resemble what I started out with but hey! I might try it your way for the next one. Y'know if I ever finish this one!

I think Read My Lips is right up my alley! So I'm sending Child #4 big time "Pick JaneyV" vibes right now.

Hope Barrie's snoozy-woozing!

gabe said...

What fun! Read My Lips is on my 'to read' list - Thanks!