Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blog Round-Up! Please join!

Thank you one and all for your commiserations, suggestions, etc. re my current computer fiasco. I'm typing this blog on our desktop. Which I have to share with Child #1, Child #2, Child #3, Child #4 and DH. I'm finding that I'm not such a great sharer. Anyway, I think I'll have the laptop stuff sorted out by Friday. Fingers and power cords crossed.

Okay. Total change of subject...

Let's do a blog round-up.

Next Wednesday, October 15.

About someone you admire. Could be a family member. Or a friend. A teacher, a librarian, someone famous.

Larramie of Seize A Daisy did a really nice post about Jessica Dunne a while ago. I can't imagine my post will be anywhere near as detailed as hers. Because that's her specialty. But I do have someone I'd like to write about.

If you're interested, let me know in the comments section. And if you think of a catchy title, let me know that too. Like...Admiration in October. Or something even way better than that!

Then, next Wed., I'll post everyone's links. And they'll also be posted on SeizeADaisy. Which means there'll be lots of linkage, and we'll have lots of fun reading about all the various people we admire. It'll be inspirational.

Sound good?

And changing the subject for the last time, here are a couple of contests from my fellow 2k8 classmates:

Ellen Booream's giving away a signed copy of her debut middle grade The Unnameables. Click here for details.

Brooke Taylor has giveaways for the entire month of October. Click here for details.


Elizabeth said...

Hope your computer woes will be over before you read this.
I would be wild with fury if I had to share my computer.
We now have 4 computers between the 2 of us.
My new laptop, Robert's lap top, my ancient, worn-out-the-letters Mac and a big, dead one that sits in the closet since R. is convinced evil people with discover our banking secrets.......
Yws, I'd love to post about someone admirable on Wed. 15th

Anonymous said...


Hang in there!

I have a book giveaway right now on my blog -- It's Allison Winn Scotch's second novel, Time of My Life. Her main character travels back in time seven years to determine if she's married the right man.

Please stop by.

Kristen @

Jason said...

I'd be totlly interested in doing the blog round up. I don't know of any good names -- I'm not good with titles, but it sounds like fun. I'm game.

Charles Gramlich said...

That blog round up idea is great. I'll try to take part but I may be out of town with Lana the few days before this so I don't know if I can manage.

Patti said...

i'm in! as long as i remember.

laughingwolf said...

sounds good, but can't promise to partake at this time...

Larramie said...

Just had an "Aha" moment. What about: "October Ovation"

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you have to share. It's a lot harder than we sometimes tell our kids, isn't it? :)

You're on for Wednesday. See you then! Putting my thinking hat on.

Barrie said...

Larramie: OCTOBER OVATION! I love it! Your brilliance shines through once again!

Amy said...

I love the blog round up idea! I'm in! :o)

sandy Levin said...

Hi Barrie,

Sorry to hear about your Mac woes. At least you are not fighting a deadline :-)

Count me in on your Wednesday Admiration Blog - don't know who I'll write about yet, but I have a few days to think about it.

Take a few deep breaths - it works wonders.

~Virginia~ said...

if it weren't 8:15 in the morning, i'd be a tad more functional and perhaps able to eek out a prospective title. alas. i'm still half asleep! :)

happy friday!

gabe said...

Having just acquired the freedom of NOT sharing a computer, I know I couldn't go back ... I mean, teenagers LIVE online. An emerging writer mom has low priority. So you
have my total empathy.
And October Ovation sounds great.

Annie said...

I'm out of the loop (this working thing is really eating away at my FREE time!). Sorry to hear about the computer. I'm not a great sharer either. I find myself "hovering" waiting for whom ever is on the computer to "get off!"

As to blogging about someone I admire; let me think about it. I'm not sure I'll have time. However, if I get it written this weekend, I'll let you know!

David Cranmer said...

Barrie, I like this idea for a post. I will not be able to do it this week but if you decide to do it again--I'm there.

Shari said...

Power cords here are crossed for you, too. Good luck!

Oh, and October Ovation sounds like an excellent title! :)

debra said...

Great idea, Barrie. I'll try to have a post up (#2 daughter and I are leaving for the mountains of NC on Wed.)