Monday, December 15, 2008

No One Got Hurt

DH and Child #3 were in a car accident last Thursday, December 11 around 9:00 PM.

DH had a green arrow to turn left onto the on-ramp for Highway 163 North from Friars Road. A green Kia Rio, traveling west on Friars Road, ran a red light and plowed into DH's car. No witnesses stopped.

DH checked to make sure Child #3 was fine, then hopped out of his car to make sure everyone in the Kia were okay. The 22-year-old female driver and her, roughly, 16-year-old female passenger (a younger sister?) were fine.

The driver (whose name I'm having a very hard time not typing) stayed in her car, on her cell phone, while they all waited for the police.

Then she told the officer that DH's car had hit hers!

DH's car was undrivable and was towed. She and her sister (?) drove away in her barely-dented car.

The next day, she told her insurance company that she was suffering from bodily damage!

The police officer who came to the scene believes she was lying. Her insurance company believes she was lying. Our insurance company believes she was lying.

But, she'll probably get away with it.

We only had liability on DH's (old) car. Which means we're going to be stuck with a bill to either repair his car or buy a new one.

And a lying 22 year-old-female named X who lives at X with phone number X is getting off scott-free.

I am so annoyed.

I have all the X information. Plus, I think I found her on myspace.

Your thoughts?


Charles Gramlich said...

What assholes! This really burns me up. too bad they didn't have a video camera at that stop light. Or did they? try and find out.

I'd take 'em to court, sue 'em.

at least you know who they are. The guy who ran me off the road on my motorcycle just kept going and we have no information at all on him.

Travis Erwin said...

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Barrie said...

Ack. I wasn't thinking of revenge so much as maybe calling to appeal to her human side.

Heather Harper said...

If everyone thinks she is lying, why isn't DH making a claim with her insurance company? I'm not understanding why his only having liability makes any diff. She was at fault.

Did the cop issue blame on the ticket?

JaneyV said...

Perhaps the police will get somewhere yet. She may have just panicked after the accident occurred. If she got straight on the phone after the accident I imagine whoever she phoned told her what to say.

It galls me so much that some people are so lacking in integrity. DH must've been stunned when she told that lie to the police. It's no wonder you're furious.

I am so glad that everyone is OK. Take care. *HUGS*

Annie said...


Your insurance company shouldn't simply lay down (I worked in the industry for several years). I've never known a company to just do nothing. Egad! What is the world coming to?

Bookworm said...

I am sososo sorry but I'm glad everyone's OK (except for brainless teenybopper lunatic). But I do believe in karma, so probably something equally annoying will happen to her. Like a seagull pooping in her latte.

Vodka Mom said...

I need to think about this. I don't think she should get away with it, and surely there is SOMETHING that can be done. I am SO glad everyone is okay!! I DO think your insurance company should take this one over.

(or we good track her down like the dog she is and TAKE HER OUT. )

call if you need back-up.

Barbara Martin said...

Barrie, do not call this woman, or you could end up in more being accused of threatening her. I suggest you speak to your insurance company first before considering legal action against her. This woman will go to her doctor, then to a plaintiff injury lawyer and then the song and dance routine of how she'll never be able to work again, her life is ruined, competitive edge in whatever job she holds is gone...and the list goes on. To which, if you do not fight back, will cost you more money than your house is worth.

debra said...

Sending healing peaceful energy to you and your family.

Jennifer Jilks said...

Barrie, that is a terrible story.
I agree with Barbara that you best stay away from her.
But I think that your insurance company will be sure (get it!) to find out all they can and get to the truth. You said that both insurance companies do not believe her.

I know that we had a young friend who was in DH's position. The man responsible blamed our friend an claimed to be a victim. The insurance company pursued it and got to the truth.

Be patient. Have faith. Stay away from her.

Do you have a local media outlet that could look for witnesses? Perhaps if you tell your story someone will come forward as a witness. I am sure that there are more good people than bad out there and they would be glad to help if they could.
/two cents

Angela said...

That is so frustrating.
At least everyone was ok.

I don't have any wise words on the subject except for "that sucks!"

Maureen McGowan said...

I'm glad everyone was okay.

But it's crazy how people's morals disappear in situations like that. Crazy. Or perhaps X never had any to begin with.

The only accident I ever had I was actually behind the other car on very slippery roads and when the car ahead of me braked for the traffic light she fishtailed about 3 times and then spun, coming to rest across the road right in my path.

I was a fairly inexperienced driver (about 19) and my car slid on the ice into the side of hers.

So, dent in the *side* of her car. Dent in my *front* bumper.

What does she tell the cops? I rammed her from behind and the impact made her car spin.

Luckily the cops didn't believe her and because of the road conditions and the fact the cars were naturally getting closer because of the stop light, and the fact she'd clearly been the one out of control first... Neither of us got charged and the insurance was split 50/50. But I couldn't believe the lies coming out of her mouth.

She started with "Sorry, sorry, sorry," until the cops showed up and then suddenly it was my fault.

Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, and I know someone whose car was totalled by an uninsured drunk driver in Pennsylvania and even though the guy was charged with drunk driving, my friend ended up not only paying for all the costs of repairing his car, but also getting sued by the drunk driver to cover his medical bills.
I only mention the state because my insurance agent in Philadelphia told me that something like 35% of all cars on the road in Philadelphia are uninsured.

Laura said...

What a B*TCH! Little punks like this really upset me - what is becoming of our young...accept responsibility for your accident.

I know it is difficult - but just try to dwell on the fact that no one was hurt - it could have been so much worse. Things can (thought they cost) can be replaced - loved ones cannot. That said - cover all the angles and get supporting info so you can prove her account WRONG!

So sorry you are going through this - especially at this time of year.


Gina Black said...

Grrrrrrr. This is why I quit driving. This essentially happened to me, only the driver admitted fault to me at the scene and then lied to her insurance company, which also happened to be my insurance company. Conflict of interest? Um. Yeah.

I did have an attorney. A friend of mine represented me and I did get a settlement. Not much. But something.

Do not let her get away with this, but go through channels. Finding her on MySpace is interesting, but useless in the overall picture. Your DH must pursue restitution for a new vehicle and injuries for him and #3 (if there were any--and BOTH should get checked out by a doctor AND a chiropractor) with her insurance company. And He Should Not Back Down.

Bina said...

Barrie, one comment asked if the girl got a citation. If she did, problem solved!

If not, and no witnesses stopped, maybe you can put an ad in the paper asking if anyone saw the accident? That happens here all the time, the ad thing. I don't know if it works, but dang, I ALWAYS stop when I see an accident. I don't like people getting away with this crap.

OR you can call and tell her you have a witness that is willing to testify, and then SHE will be charged with lying to the police officer, but that won't be neccessary if she just tells the truth.

Damn, I can't spell without spell check. I'm pitiful.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Someone rearended my daughter-in-law to collect insurance. It's such a scammy world.

San Diego Momma said...

I am so righteously angry on your behalf! Surely we can use the power of the Internet in some way here, right???? Can I tweet about it and see if anyone was at that intersection during the accident time? Unlikely I know, but it's something, I guess.

I wish we could locate witnesses. Also, don't they have cameras at some intersections? Is there a chance they had one there? It seems like they would. That's a busy intersection.

What if you called her insurance company and made a statement as to what happened? So at least it's on record, especially if she does it again. And also ask the police officer if there is some kind of incident report you can make with your version of events.

Can't you open up a formal dispute of her facts? Surely anyone official who goes to that intersection and knows where the cars were and the pattern of damage can see that she ran the red light...RIGHT????? RIGHT?????

This is making me so angry.

TJ Brown said...

I am so happy no one was hurt. And that is terrible. Hopefully something can be done.

Stacy said...

Glad everyone is okay.

Barbara is making a lot of sense.

Don't worry, stand your ground, and hopefully she'll be revealed for the liar that she is.

Larramie said...

Please don't even go there, Barrie. Thankfully no one got hurt so let it stay that way. Besides, the truth always comes out one way or another and, while you're living with anger, she's living with guilt as well as the fear of getting caught.

Remember, mystery author, there's no such thing as the "perfect crime."

Chris Eldin said...

THis is unbelievable! But thankfully everyone is okay. I also don't think you can appeal to her human side. She sounds calculating and cold.

laughingwolf said...

should be easy to see who did the hitting... that bitch needs her license revoked grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

i'd head for court... and stay away from phoning or facebooking

glad your family was not hurt!

Sally Lawton said...

Aren't people so horrible??? I can't understand it. The world is full of people like her. I just get so mad at the way these people get away with things.

Sending hugs and pleased to hear nobody was injured.

I believe in Karma!


Beth Yarnall said...

You could canvas the neighborhood with fliers asking for witnesses. Or stand on the corner with a sign around the time of day the accident happened asking if anyone saw what happened. Other than that I would let the ins co. handle and let karma take its course. You may not see the final result but be assured she will.
I'm glad everyone was unhurt. That's the biggest blessing.

Ello said...

First of all, thank goodness no one was hurt!!!

Second, a person who will lie like that has no better side so don't bother calling. However, I'm not sure why she thinks she can lie like that. I know how insurance companies operate and they can do a very effective reconstruction to find out exactly what happened so it would be pretty hard for her to continue to say that DH hit her if the evidence shows the contrary. However, the green light red light issue is more troublesome.

I'm so sorry you have to deal with that. And it really sucks that no one stopped to give a statement. But don't worry, that girl can lie now, but she won't be able to get away with it completely.

~Virginia~ said...

whoa. that is crazy! i'm glad everyone's okay! i can't believe that girl was so tacky about the whole thing. god forbid she get out to see if anyone was hurt! how self-centered! stuff like that really makes me mad. times like that i wish i had connections to the mob... :)

hope things work out and that you and your family enjoy a safe and festive holiday.

Chantal said...

I am just glad to hear that Child #3 and DH are okay.