Friday, January 16, 2009

Goose Flesh

It's a Canada Goose. There's a connection. Wait and see. ;)

goose flesh: a rough condition of the skin, resembling that of a plucked , induced by cold or fear; horripilation. Also called goose pimples, goose bumps, goose skin.
(from The Random House Dictionary (of course!))

Today I went to The Yellow Book Road, my delightful local independent children's bookstore. Every single time I visit The Yellow Book Road, I leave something behind. I'm not talking a child or anything major like that But, still, it's always something important enough to warrant a return trip. Today was no exception.

So, I drop off Child #3 at swim team, then swing back onto Interstate 8. When I get to The Yellow Book Road, Mary, Co-Owner Extraordinaire, says, "There's someone who's been waiting to meet you."

And this mystery person was:
-another Canadian from Toronto
-who just published her first book (hers was Nov; mine was Dec)
-who also has pre-green card stories
-who has a child the same age as Child #1
-who lives about six miles from me

It was...

And, yes, we're hooking up for dinner soon. And I'm buying her book tomorrow.

I stayed at The Yellow Book Road where Marlene and I REMINISCED (even though we'd never met before!) Finally, Mary, Co-Owner Extraordinaire, says," Barrie, when do you have to pick up Child #3 from swim?" See, that girl's got my back!

Did the connection work? Meeting each other gave Marlene and me GOOSEbumps. Hence, Canada GEESE. Fine. I know it was a bit of a stretch (like a gooseneck lamp)!

Marlene Wagman-Geller and me (a couple of spring geese! Okay. I'm stopping with the bad puns. Enough with the groans!)

Thank you to everyone who visited yesterday's Book Roast. I quite enjoyed myself.

A reminder: Until midnight, Pacific time, Sunday, Jan. 18, you can comment here to win a signed copy of WHAT WOULD EMMA DO? by Eileen Cook or here to win a signed copy of I SO DON'T DO MYSTERIES.


Vodka Mom said...

That gave ME goosebumps!!!

Life is so much fun, isn't it???

Charles Gramlich said...

That's pretty cool. Once in Dallas, at a hotel bar, I met a guy my age who grew up five miles away from me and we'd never met.

Christine Mercer-Vernon said... are already a bona fide superstar...other published authors are dying to meet you! bravo!

Maureen McGowan said...

Now, that's cool!

Barbara Martin said...

One never knows who they will meet, especially neighbours.

Caryn Caldwell said...

Wow! That's really cool. Oh, and as for always forgetting something so you have to return, think maybe it's your subconscious providing excuses for you to go to the bookstore?

Anonymous said...

How cool that you two got to meet! And yay for Canadians, LOL. ;)

Bookworm said...

Geese are just so cute...

gabe said...

Hmmm. Canada geese are quite popular this week.

In the fall they hang out in huge flocks eating leftovers in the grain fields near m place. My dog and I never succeed in sneaking up on them. Some call them 'rats of the sky'.

What are pre-green card stories?

Great story about connecting. I'm going to investigate your new buddy.

Patti said...

man, you are living the life!

Shana said...

what a great way to find a new friend! see, only good things happen when you visit bookstores

Mary said...

It’s brilliant to meet someone for the first time but to have somehow known them for ages.

Chantal said...

Oh my this really is a small world eh!

laughingwolf said...

coolios barrie :)

on a less bright note: apparently it was a flock of canada geese that brought that plane into the hudson river, though the pilot and co-pilot said 'big BROWN birds' :(

at least everyone escaped with their lives, unlike the birds....

Travis Erwin said...

Barrie, thank you for your brick donation. The peace of mind your generosity combined with everyone else has been a true blessing. Good friends such as yourself can make even the most trying of times better.


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Sepiru Chris said...

Hello Barrie,

And the Canadian diaspora continues spreading. Thanks for visiting over at e-cueniform scratchings.

The Heroine at my house hails from Germany and keeps saying goosepimples instead of goosebumps, which always makes me smile.

Congratulations again on your book. I wish both it, and you, success.

Encore une fois, felicitations.