Friday, March 27, 2009

Susan Patron

Susan Patron, Author Extraordinaire and Winner of the Newbery Medal!

Yesterday I made a new BFF.

She may not have realized it, but I emailed her the url for this post, so she'll know soon enough.

My new BFF is SUSAN PATRON. She is the author of The Higher Power of Lucky which won the John Newbery Medal in 2007. The sequel, Lucky Breaks, was released recently. Susan is writing the third book in this middle-grade trilogy. If you haven't yet read The Higher Power of Lucky, you truly should; it'll be one of your best reads this year.

I went to the Yellow Book Road (San Diego's indie children's book store) to loan Susan my projector for her powerpoint. Really I went to hang out with her and chat and fawn and follow her around and listen to her presentation. The projector was a great excuse.

Here are some reasons why you, too, would like to have Susan Patron as your new BFF:
-She is a very interesting speaker. I learned enough about her to want to learn more.
-She is gracious and thoughtful and respectful.
-Children love her.
-She is incredibly creative.
-She has an excellent sense of humor. Excellent.
-She has a dog that turns pink. She does not eat sea urchins. Charlotte's Web convinced her to become a writer. I'd like to say this is insider BFF info, but actually you could learn all about these details if you get a chance to hear her speak.

So, Susan Patron, I absolutely loved meeting you. I think we should plan a slumber party soon. We'll stay up all night eating junk food, doing each other's makeup and watching DVDs.

Me and Susan Patron. I do not know why I forget to push up my glasses. Bottom line is I need new frames. Cuter frames. With staying power.

Mary Hayward, co-owner of the Yellow Book Road bookstore and Susan Patron, Wonderful Author and Newbery Winner

Mary is also my BFF. Right, Mary?!

The following is fairly off topic, BUT I keep forgetting to take care of it. So.... a huge thank-you to Mary Hayward and Kristin Baranski (co-owners of the Yellow Book Road) who have highlighted I So Don't Do Mysteries on their store's website. Right here.


Rebecca Hickman said...

I adore Susan Patron. I've heard her speak a couple of times, she's absolutely brilliant and she has a great sense of humor. Another reason to love Susan Patron--she is a retired librarian!!! I can't wait to read the sequel to The Higher Power of Lucky.

Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely sounds like fun

Emily said...

Hahaa. She has a dog that turns pink? Definately interesting(:

PJ Hoover said...

What great fun! But I thought I was your BFF. Maybe your old BFF?

Barrie said...

PJ!!! Of course, you're still my BFF! We can all be BFFs together. And we'll even let you choose a Star Trek movie for us to watch.

Maggie May said...

I'm going to the Yellow Brick Road! I love having another SD blogger, I get great local ideas from you :)

Barrie said...

Hi Maggie May! I love your blog! Definitely head out to the Yellow Book Road. You could even check their website to see what author visits they have coming up. AND I remind you about mine. :) You have plenty of time; it's not until Dec.

Kristin said...

You are always so witty. I'm glad you had a good time meeting another author and new BFF. Thanks for your continued support of our store too!

Patti said...

susan had her arm around you! i think, as your new bff, she was trying to transfer some of that newbery power to you!


Alyssa Goodnight said...

That truly looks like an awesome book store--somehow I missed it on my last trip, but definitely not on my next. (Is it weird that I'm always talking about 'my next visit to San Diego'?) You could have an honest to goodness stalker on your hands before too long. :)

P.S. I will definitely check out Ms. Patron's books!

P.S.S. My word verification is 'pronerd', which I definitely am, obviously (I'm talking about me).

Sarah Laurence said...

What a great name: Yellow Book Road. Spending a day signing books beside a favorite author sounds like good fun. You look great in the photo - so happy - the glasses are fine.

Carleen Brice said...

You've got some cool BFFs!

gabe said...

My claim to fame is commenting on a blog where the blogger is photographed beside a Newberry Award winner. That fortune cookie was amazing. Will read her books ASAP.
(oh, and about the glasses - I've the same problem & think it's the nose, not the glasses :) - I just might go back to contacts.)

Barbara Martin said...

Very nice post. The problem with the glasses...I have the same except as I have trifocals. I tend to pull them down a bit to read the computer screen or a book, and then forget to push them back up.