Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Town Monday: Surprise!!!

Guess where I was on Monday?

Not San Diego. Not L.A. Not Toronto.

Give up?

I was in LAMAR, OK for an all-day-long school visit at their K-12 school. MOSS Public School.

(Actually, I just Googled Moss School and the address is in Holdenville, which means I don't, uh, know EXACTLY where I was. Not unusual for me!)

What can I tell you about Moss? With their elementary school and high school combined, they have a student population of a little under 300. They have a great reputation for sports. They have hardworking students and staff. They offer both breakfast and lunch. They have tons of school spirit.

What else?


The students were amazing listeners and asked great questions.

Look at these students. You can just tell they're a terrific bunch!

A brave volunteer

The teachers were helpful and friendly and...

they had a luncheon for me with delicious food! I could've eaten until I popped.

This is one of the beautifully-decorated tables laden with scrumptious food.

Here are some of the delightful Moss teachers.

More wonderful Moss teachers

You know you've "arrived," when you're allowed access to this room... ;)

I was thrilled to hang out at Moss, presenting to students, chatting with students and staff. T-H-R-I-L-L-E-D!

Not just because everyone was fun and kind and interested in books and reading and Sherry.

I have a special connection of the heart to this rural Oklahoman school.

Look whose senior picture is hanging in the hallway of Moss High School?

My DH's. Awwwww... (Yes, he's had a serious hairstyle change.)


Thank you Mrs. MItchell for donating your classroom and your techie expertise! Thank you Principal Cartwright for setting up this visit! Thank you staff and students for being so warm and welcoming!

For links to the other MTM participants, please head over to our My Town Monday blog which was set up by the lovely and talented Clair Dickson.

p.s. Thank you to my psychic niece for getting me safely to Moss. And for loaning me her deodorant. Ack. Too much info!

Oh, yeah, and thanks for manning the clicker during the powerpoint presentation.


Travis Erwin said...

Hey I still wear that same do.

Okay not rally. I never go out in publish without a hat so I don't have a do. And no I.m not bald I just feel naked without my hat.,

Solvang Sherrie said...

Very cool. And I love the old high school pic :D

Teresa said...

Congratulations on your school presentation day! It looks like you had a red carpet welcome! And I think your husband was cute back in the day...

Lazy Writer said...

I'm from Oklahoma. I know exactly where Lamar is. That's great that you went there for a visit. Good for you.

Jenn Jilks said...

Isn't that fun, Barry?

I know how much the kids loved having a real author in at the school. And you encourage so many kids to read by reading your own work and presenting to them.

Thank you for letting us share your celebration.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! You know you're big time when the faculty allows you to use their bathroom.

Cloudia said...

What a "high!"
Thanks for sharing a taste of it with us. Handsome man there!

Aloha, author ;-]

Comfort Spiral

Charley said...

I am loving those pink sunglasses - very stylish.

Amy said...

awww his photo is so cute! :)

Mac and Cheese said...

Clearly you have arrived!

Sarakastic said...

I always wanted to go in a faculty bathroom, ah the dreams of youth.

Stef said...

Glad I could help in so many ways. :) I would do it all again...will maybe not the deodorant!

cindy said...

omg you are a famous author rockstar! so so cool, barrie!!

Sally Lawton said...

Looks like a wonderful school, glad you and everyone had a great day x

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. Glad you had such fun. And that picture! lol.

Keri Mikulski said...

Looks like a blast. :)

Love the pic!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Gee, the teacher's lounge? Tell me smoked a cigarette while in there!

Carrie Harris said...

I love that picture. In fact, I want that hairstyle!

Congrats on what sounds like a terrific visit!

Lainey-Paney said...

You got to use the FACULTY BATHROOM!? You got to go to the Teacher's LOUNGE!?

You are so *in*!!!!

Bina said...

I can't get past the k-12 and only 300 kids!!!! WOW!!!!

And your husband went there? How cool is that??? Glad you had a great time!