Thursday, October 1, 2009

Live from the Chameleon Cage...SHEDDING!

Someone should tell our female chameleon that THIS is not attractive...

Look! She's leaving dead skin behind as she moves across the branch.

Even her face is peeling off!

Oh wait! (This is NOT me, by the way.)

She has laid 23 + 42 = SIXTY-FIVE eggs in a little over THREE months' time.

I think our little veiled chameleon is one smart cookie with a master plan. She doesn't want to look cute, foxy and appealing. She wants to turn attention away from the allure of her wandering eyes and the adorable bump on the top of her head. She wants a major break from motherhood. She wants the male to stay in his corner of the cage!

And for those of you who were little section of San Diego County has been on red flag warning* since Tuesday morning. It ended 18 minutes ago.

*According to the Weather Service, we were at risk for “explosive fire growth potential” due to a combination of strong winds and low humidity. (


  1. Hi Barrie,

    Do pet stores sell exfoliant for chamelons for the next time she feels amorous?

    Glad to know you dodged the high fire danger bullet!

  2. Teresa: Not that I know of. Hmmm....we can invent it and make our riches!

  3. Ummmm, how many of those eggs hatch? Are you getting ready to have a population explosion of chameleons?

    Here in Riverside County, we're starting to get cooler weather. Thank God.

  4. Chocolate Covered Daydreams: I didn't realize you were in Riverside! Or maybe I did, but then forgot!;) It's getting cooler down here, especially in the evenings.

  5. Wishing you all cooler weather. I lived in Arizona for years and the heat really wore on me. And thank goodness your red flag warnings are down too.


  6. I don't think I blame her! Plus, she'll be so nice and shiny when she's finished. :)

  7. Now, that's a pretty sight to open up to in the morning, a peeling veiled chameleon! I wanna know what happens to the eggs, too, please ma'am! Please don't make me go to the Discovery Channel....

  8. Oh I hope that red flag warning passes soon. Scary stuff (for a cold/wet Ontario girl)

  9. What are you doing? Are you running some kind of lizard brothel over there? Get the poor thing some contraception.

  10. My skin does that in January...
    I hope your weather turns better. Guess it's not always sunny in California, huh?

  11. sex, sex, sex... don't you post anything else, barrie? :O lol

    she's smart to want a long break! :)

  12. Seems any lizard with scales tends to shed. Thanks for keeping us updated on the chameleon conditions at your house.

    Don't pay any attention to LaughingWolf. Amorous makes the world go round and round...

  13. Barbara, you're so right! What's a little harmless love between two consenting chameleons? Laughingwolf needs to lighten up a little! :)

  14. Eileen:I can't come up with a snappy answer because I can't stop laughing!

  15. Smart Liz Gal...

    We have red flags here in Hawaii too,,,,,,and lizards :)
    sorry about your friend
    ciao & Aloha, My Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  16. The comments were even funnier than the post. You must turn this experience into a picture book.

    Glad to hear you are beyond red flag - I wish I could send you a piece of our rainy weekend.

  17. I'd feel like shedding after laying that many eggs too. When will they hatch? I'm glad the warning has lifted. It is very dry this year. We had our first snow in the mountains this week. So the fire danger will end soon.


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