Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our veiled chameleon is laying eggs!!!

About 3:00 this afternoon, she began lumbering down the side of the cage. This time, she went straight for the "birthing chamber" (!!). We use the same 5-gallon flower pot each time. This is her third clutch.

Here she is digging away. About 3:20 pm.

Here's the progress she's made after about 40 minutes. I think she'll be done about 11:00 pm.

Below is a video of her digging. To set the scene: The room is warm with three heat lamps on three cages. Crickets are chirping merrily. There is a scritching sound as she digs a tunnel in the damp sand. It's very exotic and doesn't feel at all like a bedroom in suburban San Diego!


Suzy said...

The best part of that video was when she was using her right side. The right front limb pulls out the sand the right back leg automatically goes to it (without looking) and scoops it back!

Then she appeared to switch to her left side. Fascinating...

Cloudia said...

VERY Cool!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

MadeByKC said...


Very nice to see your blog. I need some advice. I just got a chameleon about 3 days ago. I saw it in front of my garage. I thought it wasn't alive. I brought it inside. 20 minutes later it started to walk. Now, I don't know how to do. I never have this kind of animal before. I don't know how old it is. I do some researches then I got a lamp, cage, crickets and worm but it didn't eat. It haven't eat anything since I got. Only one it wants to do is walking up hight, that's it. I worry it will die because don't eat. Cloud you give me some advice please? Thanks!

Barrie said...

I wonder if your chameleon is will, and that's why he was easy to catch? My other thoughts: what are you doing for water? My chameleon (veiled chameleon) won't drink standing water. It has to be dripping or sprayed. Also, are the crickets the right size? If they're too big, the chameleon won't eat them. All that said, I'm hesitant to give advice. I think you should visit a pet store that sells reptiles. Perhaps even bring your chameleon in for someone there to see. Of course, you could take your chameleon to an exotic pet vet, but I'm not sure about the cost. Good luck!