Monday, November 9, 2009

Sorry. No My Town Monday post.

That's me. Only less frazzled looking!

Sorry. No My Town Monday post this week. :(

I have to read the galleys for I So Don't Do Makeup. This is my last chance to make changes. Gulp.

I'm still wrestling with the outline for I So Don't Do Famous. The resolution doesn't feel resolved enough.

We refinanced and have to sign docs this week.

I'm going to Ann Arbor, Michigan on Friday for water polo with Child #3.



  1. You are a writing machine, Barrie. You Do So Do Famous.

  2. Put black hair on that woman and you have me!

    Water polo. Hmmmnnnn... I was just at child #1's Regatta this Saturday. Had to look up how to spell regatta. :)

  3. I think you deserve a bye this week;)

  4. Have a fun, productive week. Glad to know that you're not posting for "good" reasons and not some emergency.

  5. Never a boring day, huh? Take some time for you though!

  6. Love the picture :)

    Have fun in Michigan and with the galleys. You are one busy lady!

  7. Good luck with all the paperwork!

  8. Good grief. I'm surprised you have any hair left to tear out.

  9. Ah, but it's all such a good frazzled :) Hope Ann Arbor went well....

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