Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've always been a bit surprised that I didn't grow up to be a librarian.

I'm very comfortable in a library. Which makes total sense because I've spent a lot of time in them. We went very regularly when I was a child. And I was allowed to ride my bike or walk to the bookmobile which parked in the elementary school parking lot once a week (on Saturdays, I think.) I loved the stacks and studying in a carrel when I was in college. I still go to the library to borrow books and sometimes to write. In fact, I'd write there more often if it weren't for that pesky no-eating-and-no-drinking rule.

Anyway, I don't remember even considering librarian as a career option. Possibly a mistake. I think I would've made a decent librarian. Once I managed to control my chattiness.

All this lead-in to say that I do love a library author visit. Last week, I was at the Santee Public Library, which is my home library. So, I feel particularly at ease here. I've brought kids to this branch for storytime, done research, talked lots with the librarians, paid a small fortune in overdue fines.

I had a great time on a panel with three Young Adult authors: Cindy Pon, Megan Whalen Turner and
Laura Preble. Actually, I had a REALLY great time. I think I was the last to leave.

(left to right) Cindy Pon, Megan Whalen Turner, me, Laura Preble

The visit was set up to honor the library's volunteers. Here's a blog post by one of the honoree's, Roseann.

My next big library visit is June 28 at the Rancho Santa Fe branch, promoting I So Don't Do Makeup. The library is bringing in a makeup artist for the event!!! Should be another fun visit.

Anyone else out there who's surprised they didn't wind up in a particular profession?


Beth said...

I too regret not becoming a librarian – my very first job (age 11) was working in the local library and I loved it.
How wonderful that you’ve managed to combine two great loves – writing and spending time in libraries!

Stacy said...

I considered being a librarian, but only as seriously as I considered a career in archeology.

Fun! I didn't know libraries did author visits.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We are kindred spirits--I belong in a library--I worked in one while in high school and loved it. It's really where I belong.

Charles Gramlich said...

I know what you mean. LIbrarian would seem to be the ideal job for me. But Lana became the librarian in the family

Anonymous said...

Libraries are such a special place - I still love them and don't visit often enough. Some cities have more compelling libraries than others. I recall some time in my past working briefly (very) as a librarian assistant but I think I just couldn't get the hang of the Dewey Decimal system - lol - so didn't pursue that.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

My sister wanted to be a librarian but didn't do it. I never thought about it but now I know I would love to spend my days surrounded by books and people who want to read. It is so sad that our libraries are in financial trouble with cities cutting staff. It would be a sad world without a place where anyone can walk in and find the world in words.

Maggie May said...

I'm with you- I have thought before I would have been a very happy librarian. Also marine biologist! Also intrepid world explorer and humanitarian. :)

Sarakastic said...

I've always wondered why I didn't consider being a librarian either.

Teresa said...

My mom was a librarian. Eventually she moved on. Now she reads very little. I wonder if it was her generation. She did the womanly thing, but then later she became a lawyer and really enjoyed herself.