Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Update from the Veiled Chameleon Incubators

I am very sad to report that the eggs from the last batch (45 eggs laid at the end of June) are not doing very well. These were the smallest eggs our veiled chameleon has ever laid. Also, they weren't the sparkling white color we've come to expect from her eggs. And she laid this clutch only two months after the previous clutch. She generally waits three months in between clutches. All that to say, perhaps these eggs just weren't healthy enough to make it. I'm even wondering how many of them were fertilized. Yes, the sparks were flying between her and the male, but maybe it wasn't all timed quite right.

Anyway, the 45 eggs are now down to only five eggs. So sad. :(

The eggs below the pink line (nice touch, eh?) are from the most recent batch. The two yellowish eggs (below the line, left side) have bitten the dust since I took this photo for you guys.

Here is the latest gadget purchased for my adventures in veiled chameleon midwifery. It's an (or is it a?) hygrometer for measuring the humidity in the incubators. It gets pretty dry in my neck of the woods during the summer. And we have several eggs (five, to be exact, from the February clutch) that keep trying to shrivel up. So, I've placed cups of water and a (or is it an?) hygromter in each incubator in an attempt to get a handle on the humidity issue.

Mr Summy and Child #2 are not above reminding me of a certain discussion where they encouraged me to let the pet store hatch the eggs. But, oh no, I insisted I wanted the challenge of hatching the eggs at home. Things are looking a little grim. But this is the longest we've kept this many eggs alive. That's saying something, right?

Wish me luck. Cross your fingers. Cross your toes. Cross your eyes (a little chameleon humor!).

Oh, and congratulations to Child #2 who just passed his driver's license! As per Patti of Patti-O's blog, I'm in the market for a roll of industrial-strength bubble wrap to bundle up this child!


David Cranmer said...

I'm very sorry to hear that. And fingers will remain crossed for the remaining eggs.

(I'm betting you're the only Blogger in all of cyberspace to use the phrase "veiled chameleon midwifery.") :)

Teresa said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of so many eggs. Love the hygrometer!

And congratulations to Child #2 on his driver's license. There is an online office supply company called Quill that sell bubble wrap by the roll and delivers to your home via UPS. ;-) (I've used them to get packing supplies for shipping stuff overseas.)

But of course, if you have kids, the presence of a bubble wrap roll becomes very tempting... You sometimes have to fight to keep the bubbles unpopped.

Charles Gramlich said...

hum, I wonder what happened. Not enough of something built up in her system, I guess, before she laid them.

Barbara Martin said...

That's too bad, though I'm sending good thoughts and wishes for those that remain viable.

I remember when I raised lovebirds, the eggs had to be kept at a higher humidity than what was in the room. So I would squirt momma bird with water and when she sat on her eggs, viola, moisture at hand. The eggs would hatch then with nicely formed chicks.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm hoping you don't hear your kids say "I told you so."

Sarah Laurenson said...

The chameleon we had laid eggs all by her lonesome. Unfertilized, of course. I think I read somewhere that the male fertilizes them after they are laid, but I'm not sure. Maybe it depends on the chameleon.

Sorry to hear you're having such trouble. Being a baby mommy to so many is quite the task.

Barrie said...

David: thank you for keeping your fingers crossed. And feel free to poach the expression "veiled chameleon midwifery" for you blog. :)

Barrie said...

Teresa: I will pass along your congrats to Child #2. He's quite proud of himself. And rightfully so.

Barrie said...

Charles: Oh, I hadn't thought of that. I know calcium is an issue with veiled chameleons (which is why we sprinkle it on the crickets before mealtime) and their bones. I was wondering if she lays a bunch of eggs as insurance?

Patti said...

you are now LINK'D on the patti-o's new roll-out!