Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Author Eileen Cook Goes YouTube

What kind of a day are you having?

Productive? Fun? Too busy?

It really doesn't matter because there's room for a laugh in every day.

Which is why I bring you the one and only, very creative, very hilarious EILEEN COOK.

Eileen's YA, GETTING REVENGE ON LAUREN WOOD has just been released in paperback. (Yes, you want one or a dozen straightaway.)

Anyway, to celebrate the paperback release, Eileen created GUT-SPLITTING YouTube interviews where her antagonist, Lauren Wood, who gives advice on being popular. Here's the link to all the YouTubes.

And to save you from having to click, here's the first POPULAR LAUREN VIDEO. Enjoy!


Charles Gramlich said...

True, and sad.

Solvang Sherrie said...

I love the cover for that book. I can't believe I haven't read it yet!

Bina said...

I can't watch this on my work computer, but I do love Eileen Cook! I'll have to check out the video on my lap top! Thanks!