Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Book Review Club (July 2011)

Good Wednesday morning to you all and welcome to the 31st meeting of The Book Review Club! It's been warm and humid here in So. Cal. Instead of the usual coffee and cookies, we're serving chilled fresh fruit salad and sparkling lemonade. Please note that Scott Parker is reviewing an adult western novel by our own David Cranmer writing as Edward A. Grainger! And, in attempt to mix things up a little, I'm turning today's review post over to Child #4 (my 11-year-old daughter) and her good friend, J, who both loved the following book.

THE CUPCAKE QUEEN by Heather Hepler

From When her mother moves them from the city to a small town to open up a cupcake bakery, Penny's life isn't what she expected. Her father has stayed behind, and Mom isn't talking about what the future holds for their family. And then there's Charity, the girl who plays mean pranks almost daily. There are also bright spots in Hog's Hollow - like Tally, an expert in Rock Paper Scissors, and Marcus, the boy who is always running on the beach. But just when it looks as though Penny is settling in, her parents ask her to make a choice that will turn everything upside down again. A sweet novel about love, creativity, and accepting life's unexpected turns.

The girls answered the following questions while...munching on cupcakes! This review is short and SWEET! :)

What did you like about this book?
J: It was my favorite type of genre--realistic fiction. I liked how it ended and came together.
#4: I liked how the characters interacted with each other. The book was very detailed, and this made me feel like I was in it.

What was your favorite scene in the book?
J: The mean girl's birthday party because her mom got splattered with watermelon and cupcakes.
#4: Ditto.

How does it relate to your life?
#4: I bake cupcakes. Also, the town Penny moves to reminds of where my grandparents live.
J: There's always a mean girl who thinks she's all that.

Both girls own The Cupcake Queen and plan to re-read it. And that's a great compliment!

And, now, onto the wonderful reviews prepared by our wonderful reviewers. Please click through and enjoy!


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Kaye of the Road Goes Ever Ever On: THE WINTER SEA by Susanna Kearsley (historial)

Patti Abbott: THE PACK by Jason Starr

Kathy Holmes: AN INCONVENIENT WIFE by Megan Chance (women's fiction)

Scott Parker: ADVENTURES OF CASH LARAMIE AND GIDEON MILES by Edward A. Grainger (western)

Linda McLaughlin: SILENT IN THE GRAVE, SILENT IN THE SANCTUARY, SILENT ON THE MOOR by Deanna Raybourn (3 Lady Julia Grey historial mysteries)

Alyssa Goodnight of the Writers' Road Less Traveled: SPIDERWEB by Earlene Fowler (mystery)

Note to Reviewers: Any errors (broken link, missed review, etc), just shoot me an email or leave a comment. Thank you so much for your reviews!


  1. Oh, what a cute idea for your book review! We just got back from Disneyland and had to stop off at the little cupcake kiosk at Downtown Disney - so yummy - so I can totally relate - lol! Great job, girls, on the book review and the baking of cupcakes!

  2. Barrie, I like your creative solution to the what-to-review dilemma. So glad #4 and her friend enjoyed the book. As a kid, I'd have been in seventh heaven if my folks had owned a cupcake store. I'd have also been the size of a house!

    Kathy, there's a cupcake kiosk at Downtown Disney? Oh, no, I live way too close for comfort, lol.

  3. I've read a book about cupcakes similar to this book called Raining Cupcakes. I will totally check this out,i think i might have read a book by her recently.Awesome book review by the way!(:

  4. Great to hear from the right age group! Thanks for the review, ladies...

  5. Kathy, I bet the cupcake kiosk in disneyland does a roaring trade. Cupcakes are so in!

  6. Linda, imagine if our families had owned a bakery growing up....YUM!

  7. AbaGayle: They both have read It's Raining Cupcakes by Lisa Schroeder as well!!! And loved it!

  8. Ellen, they had fun with this. ;) And with eating the cupcakes!

  9. Your sub-in reviewers have excellent taste...I would have loved to have been munching on a cupcake while writing my review.

    This book sounds very cute.

  10. I've read The Cupcake Queen. I loved that book!


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