Monday, December 12, 2011

My Town Monday: Fun Holiday Events in San Diego, CA

Good Monday Morning to you all!

Yes, yes, I've been somewhat absent lately, not due to a lack of love, but to a lack of time. While I do love my children, Mr. Summy, friends, family, Christmas decorations, gift giving, and writing books, blogging, all of them together is a bit overwhelming. ;)

Anyway, it's that time of year when I get to feeling sad and nostalgic and wishing I were going home to Canada for Christmas. I can barely listen to Anne Murray without tearing up.* Being the practical person I am, I thought I'd google see what fun stuff I can get up to here in San Diego that would be a little like the fun stuff I'd get up to in Toronto. Here goes....

Skating by the Sea at the Hotel del Coronado (thanks google images for the photo)

At the Hotel del Coronado, they flood the Windsor Lawn to make an ice rink for skating next to the Pacific Ocean Nov 23 to Jan 8. It costs $20/$25 (adults) and $15/$20 (kids) for a 2hr/3hr session, including skate rental (not many of us own skates down here!). Growing up, our neighbors flooded their backyard, and all the kids in the neighborhood skated on it for the winter. In fact, that's where I learned to skate, pushing around a wooden chair until I got my balance. This took years (joke).

Please click here for skating details, such as the times the rink is open.

Looking at the lights...

San Diego Boat Parade of Lights (thanks again google images. What would I do without you?)

I've missed the Dec. 11 viewing, but on Dec. 18 from 5:30 - 9pm, over 100 boats, all decorated up for this year's Back-to-the-Future theme, will cruise 7 1/2 miles in the San Diego Bay. It's free. The parade starts at Shelter Island immediately after the 5:30pm fireworks. Please click here for details about the route, times, etc.

I have a couple of other fun ideas, but I'll save them for another post. Have a great Monday. Be good to yourselves.

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*Don't feel too sorry for me because I may be heading to the Great White North this summer.



  1. This just blows me away - skating with the palm trees and boats lit up like Christmas trees. Wow. Since I'm in the land of ice and snow, where the north wind doth blow- I simply cannot fathom your winter.

    But I can fathom the too busy part. A woman can/does do everything (but not at the same time).

    Enjoy the pre-Christmas rush.

  2. Those backyard rinks were wonderful, weren't they?

    Now you have to find a place with (fake) snow to enjoy in sunny CA. I wonder if we're going to have a white Christmas here? So far, not much of the white stuff!

  3. Wow! That skating by the beach...well, just wow! We're going skating next week, but it will be like 20 degrees!

  4. How cool! I've only been ice skating once, and when I did, my cousin got hurt badly. I'd love to do it again, though! Down here in AL, there's not much to do. Have fun looking for things for CA!(:

  5. Ice skating in San Diego? How cool! (Literally :)) It's hard to imagine a December without cold, although we don't always have snow here in Ohio. But I think I'd rather wait to summer to go to Ontario - I love Toronto, was there last June. Enjoy your warm winter - the cold's one thing I can do without here!

  6. That skating rink looks like so much fun! What a good idea. I grew up in a city with a skating rink, and sometimes I miss it, but I imagine it was a lot bigger part of your life than it was mine.

    The good thing is, summer sounds like a lot better time to go north - weather-wise, at least!


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