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Barrie Summy

Here's the bio from the book flap:

Barrie Summy grew up in Canada on a steady diet of books and tobogganing. She tries to read a book a week and always breaks for tea and cookies at three o'clock.

Barrie lives in California with her husband and their four children. She's currently hard at work on her next book.

There are obviously lots and lots of gaps in this bio. Which is probably the way it should be. I mean, come on, you don't want to scroll through pages of boring facts about me.

Oh, what was that? You'd like to hear a few odd ones? Did someone tell you I was odd? Perhaps one of my children?!
You realize they have a very skewed perspective.
Barrie Summy, author, as a child
me thinking of writing a book....
or wondering what's for dessert
Barrie Summy - Nancy Drew Fan
me around the time I fell in love
with Nancy Drew
How's about this:

I cannot have licorice in the house. Red or black. I will eat and eat and eat until there's not one whip left, and I have a stomachache.

I stay up too late. I never eat cooked carrots. My son and I hatched 33 veiled chameleons in an incubator.

And....I loved, loved, loved university. To the point that I kept going until my parents pulled the plug. I have degrees in French, Canadian Literature, and Speech-Language Pathology. The latter has resulted in very chatty children.

Here's some fun bio stuff from Random House. Includes my parents' rule about reading and why I write middle grade mysteries.

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