Praise for my books

A LOT of nice people have said A LOT of nice things about Sherry and her mysteries. Here's a smattering.

"The dialogue remains fresh, the characters continue to charm, and the story arc is logical and flows naturally. It's clear that Summy is having more fun than ever with the series."
--North County Times for I SO DON'T DO FAMOUS

“A light, fun, funny read. Fans of the other I So Don't Do books will love this one...for those not familiar with the others, this will have them looking for more. ”


"When I grow up and become a writer, could I learn to be snappy and lively like Barrie Summy? This series is upbeat, active, and grounded in some good values."
--Diane Chen, School Library Journal

“Summy keeps the fizz in her effervescent premise.”
—Publishers Weekly for I SO DON’T DO MYSTERIES

“Balancing slapstick and poignant twists, this should find a wide readership among young teens.”
–Booklist for I SO DON’T DO SPOOKY

“Funny, surprising, and charming.”
—Booklist for I SO DON’T DO SPOOKY

“It's refreshing to follow a girl who is so self-assured.”
—School Library Journal for I SO DON’T DO MAKEUP

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