The I So Don't Do . . . Series

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Book #1:  I So Don't Do Mysteries

Book #3: I So Don't Do Makeup

Book #4: I So Don't Do Famous

The reviews for this series are in:

"Summy keeps the fizz in her effervescent premise...using a punchy first-person narration; story lines involving romances, movie stars, rhinos and egotistical chefs; and various eccentricities, including a late grandfather who assumes the form of a wren...Sherry remains entertaining, and readers will hope for a second caper."
--Publishers Weekly

"Sherry’s relationship with her mother’s spirit and her own quirky personality elevate this text by adding sincerity and warmth."

"A seriously funny ghost story packed with mystery, romance and fun."
--Sarah Mlynowski, author of the Magic in Manhattan series

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